Friday, March 02, 2007


At work I'm still following people around, watching what they do, discussing how our jobs will intertwine once my space is finished being built. Next week I have hospital orientation, but after that I'm not so sure as to what I'll be doing. I'm sure it'll be more following and playing things by ear.

I've started brainstorming things that I need to do before the center opens. I've started ordering materials and would REALLY like a day where I can locate resources and start ordering educational materials and other stuff that I'm going to need to make this a productive place. So far all I've done is make a list and order a set of materials from a fertility website.

This is a big deal for me because I like to be organized and time-goal oriented. The old me would have come home and done this stuff on my own time, but the new me refuses to do that at home where I'm not being paid. I won't even read journals at home any more. The only cancer games I'm willing to play at home are the ones that my endocrinologist* says we have to play.

So this whole thing is a big step for me... not bringing stuff home. Meanwhile, I'm super excited and wish that they'd give me a little time to start planning and ordering stuff!

I'm being introduced to lots of people, including people who interviewed for my job and didn't get it. I knew they had intervewed lots of people over the past couple of years, and am still surprised and excited that they picked me. Their jaws are dropping when they hear about how fancy the new center is going to be, and I'm picking up on a little jealousy from them, too. It'll be interesting to see how it all plays out over the next few months.

* UPDATE re: LAST LAB DRAW: Good news! For the first time my TSH and free T4 were where we want them to be. This means we will not be increasing my Synthroid this time. (Yay.) We did not draw another tumor marker. The plan remains that I'll need another PET scan in April, at which point we'll decide when to schedule the next RAI treatment and tumor marker draw. So we're finally successfully suppressing my thyroid function; now all we have to do is fry the rest of those persistant cancer cells! (I've always been stubborn...)

(Sure, it's not fantabulous news, but it sure beats the hell out of more bad news. I'm also proud to report that I've kept my New Year's resolution of not having any surgeries. The Hater and I have learned to lower our standards to create our own good news!


Arielle said...

Yay for no surgeries!!!! I still have to get my scan this month and my levels are never right. SIGH!

genderist said...

It's still early for both of us... we'll have to look to Mommavia to see how the pros handle it. :)

Mommavia said...

See, I knew you'd get good news neck! Yippee for the 4 cut-throats!