Monday, March 12, 2007

marvelous Monday

We've heard good news from The Hater's step-dad. The surgery went well, and it wasn't as icky as we thought it was going to be. The downer is that he'll probably have to get a total knee replacement within a few years. But he's doing well now and looks to leave the hospital in three days.

We love good news!

Meanwhile, I've been in contact with some of my Summit friends. They're giving me all kinds of ideas for my new job. I'm really excited. Now all I need is another thyroid cancer survivor (geographically close) who wants to help start a thyroid cancer support group! It looks like I need to make a few more phone calls!

The rain is coming, and I'm glad. We need the rain. At home when it rains, the pollen isn't as bad immediately afterwards. Here when it rains it just blows everything around and increases the mold count, which makes for crazy Bradford Pear sneezes.

There's not much spring to my forward. I much prefer to fall back.

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Molly Jane said...

Hi, so glad all went well with the Step-dad! Hey, when are you going to Las Vegas?