Thursday, March 29, 2007

algebraic timing

The Hater left for work no more than five minutes ago. I thought I'd check my email before I left, and I'd no more than logged in before it hit. It's raining cats and dogs, thundering, and generally going to be super messy outside.

Don't get me wrong -- I'm tickled to have the rain. I love rain. I love the green that follows. I do not love the timing of this particular downpour.

My Dear Aunt Sally -- solve for X . You can do this; it's simple Mathematics:

Erosion [Mud + (Partly Hydrated Soil )] * (White Nurse Shoes)^2 - (Pretty, But Not Fantastic Umbrella) / X

X = Messy
X = Should Wear "Rain Shoes" and carry "White Nurse Shoes" in bag
X = The Hater just called to make sure I wasn't driving; people are pulling off the side of the road on the interstate.
X = A fantastic day to call in sick! (I won't do it, but it would be good timing and would definitely solve for X.)

Sounds like it's letting up -- I better start swimming.


arielle said...

Hope you made it thru the rain.

genderist said...

Tornadoes and flood watches, but I'm home and dry now! The worst storms are due to come tomorrow!