Monday, January 31, 2011

batten down the hatches

There's snow a'blowin this way. At lunch today they were saying we should get at least a foot here tomorrow. For now the city is shut down for tomorrow. We'll see if we're able to get out before the weekend, when it'll finally get over freezing.

We vacuumed the house tonight just in case we get stuck without electricity in a dirty house. So that's done.

Pottypalooza continues. She's doing okay and we're still celebrating every success. Today we went through three pairs of panties - not shabby.

My plans tomorrow include playing hard. Hopefully it'll quit blowing long enough for us to get some good pictures.

Friday, January 28, 2011


I'm tempted to change my template, so I made up a new word for this particular conundrum.

On one hand it's no big deal. Whatever. It's just a template and it's just a blog.

But on the other hand as long as this haiku has been in existence (5 1/2 years - can you believe it?), it's always been green. Of course that was before there were cool options, but even after there were cool options I persevered with plain boring green because it's always been that way and something has to be said for that.

For what? Being stubborn? For a blog that five people read?

(And I truly do appreciate you!)

Back to my templatation... There are options here. There are a whole word of options. I could fiddle with it myself and choose one of the more creative canned templates. This would be a different color and possibly have a different layout (but not much different). This option is free.

Another option is to pay someone to make something genuine-one-of-a-kind-hoity-toity-template. This can get expensive, but I think I could get it for $50-75. I've thought about this option in the past (back in the day when this was a wee little blog), but I've always dismissed this idea quickly because, well, I'm cheap.

However, now the free options (more my budget) are cooler than they were when they changed blogger over to the new system.

Indeed, this is a conundrum that bothers nobody but me. I'm fortunate that this is my biggest concern of the moment. I will continue to templatate (it just doesn't work in that tense) over the weekend.

Only slightly related - I read something this week about how all of the e-books will drastically change the publishing industry. And how in several years they don't think they'll be needing cover art for books anymore. (This makes me more than a little sad.) The thing I read said that an author's logo will be what they are known by, not the cover art. Maybe if I change this whole thing I should come up with a logo, too.

You know, for branding. So that my five readers will know how to find me without my lively green background.

Thursday, January 27, 2011

it's been a good run

Dear Jeff Fisher,

Thank you for your time as Titans head coach. We'll never forget you bringing the team from the dingy depths to playoff contenders to Super Bowl participants and being four yards away from a championship. And the Music City Miracle - one of the greatest NFL plays ever - that was all you.

We wish you well. We're sorry things didn't work out the last few years. We were always fans of you and the team. Just so you know - none of this was part of our Titans plan.

We hope the Titans will get better, and we hope that you and your family have good fortune in the future.

Much Love,
The Hater, genderist and Baby

Pottypalooza Update!

Fantastic news! Guess who had zero accidents yesterday?

Guess who wore the same pair of big girl panties the whole day?

Guess who made more than one poo poo in the potty?

Guess who announced that she needed to pee pee?
(for the first time ever)


Baby! The routine is starting to stick. I think she's at least learning to "hold it" until she's sitting on the potty. It shouldn't be long before she always announces that it's time to potty.

Incidentally, I didn't have any accidents and wore my same big girl panties the whole day, too.

And when I say "it shouldn't be long" before she announces to us that it's time to potty I mean that will naturally be the next step in potty training, and hopefully it'll happen sooner instead of later. But in the scheme of things it really won't be that long...

Sunday, January 23, 2011

big fat bummer

It's been a good weekend. Here are some highlights:
  • Pottypalooza continues. Today was better than yesterday. We wised up and started pairing her big girl panties with the rubber/plastic bloomers for much easier clean-ups.
  • Finished another baby hat this weekend. I heard that one of the nurses I know at work has a grandbaby who was born early - weighing in at 1# 5 oz. I knew I had some blue/green verigated yarn, so I thought I'd make them a hat. It was the same kind of yarn as the last one that's not the same width the whole time. I did exactly the same thing on my loom and it ended up bigger than the others. Not too big to send to the Caps for Good campaign, but too big for this particular baby:
  • Baby is getting a cold. She's been snotty and run a low-grade temp, coughing in her sleep (with the humidifier running). I thought we'd be good parents and used the bulb syringe in her nose about an hour and a half after a snack, which should've been plenty of time for the food to move from her stomach. I sucked so efficiently that she started gagging and threw up not only the snack from an hour and a half previously (banana and watered down juice) but also some breakfast (grapes and mixed grain cereal). We were both covered in vomit, which is a really bad bummer because it made us lose an extra pair of plastic bloomers and not to pee! I stripped us both and we jumped in the shower which was fast and traumatic. We didn't suck her nose again today.
  • The dryer died. We're hoping it's the heating element in it. So when Baby went down for her nap I took two washed loads to a wishy washy to dry. The Hater is currently out taking two more loads to dry (including Baby's many accident panties and our throw-up wardrobes). Call in to the powers that be about the dryer - we're hoping it'll be fixed very soon and that it is something as easy (and inexpensive) as the heating thing. If it's too much more complicated (or expensive) than that we'll opt for a new dryer and say goodbye to our plans for a real vacation this summer. (That would be my first real vacation since the c-bomb hit. Or really my first real vacation since our honeymoon. So please keep your fingers crossed that it'll be a cheap and easy fix because if it's not I'll end up grumpy.)
  • Baby is learning to play hide and go seek. She's starting to get the concept and loves to play, so long as someone is hiding with her and looking for the other person with her. She gets so excited to play.
  • The theme song for the weekend has been "C is for Cookie". She has loved singing it over and over and over. I've watched all of the related videos at the Sesame Street page and after looking at them several dozen times I'm sure that I like the remake better than the original (gasp). The Candice Bergen skit was a nice attempt, but I'm sadly disappointed that the comedienne didn't ham it up better than that.
  • I made a new carrot soup recipe and spiced it with Indian spices. It was good, but was so hot it made my nose run. The Hater liked it, too. It made a huge pot, so we've frozen some back to share when we have guests again. The Hater made salmon croquettes for supper and I baked sweet potatoes with them. Baby ate some leftover tuna and went goo-goo-ga-ga over the sweet potatoes. Yay! A vegetable! She's not eaten much lately, but she ate well for me all weekend (which really surprised me since we could tell she's feeling cruddy).
  • We read lots of stories and spent lots and lots of time on the potty.
  • Tomorrow we send her to day care in pull-ups. I hate it, but I hate the idea of taking a load of laundry to the wishy washy to dry every night this week even more.
I'm sure there were other exciting things that happened, but they're not coming to me right now. Probably because I missed my afternoon nap. I'll have to make up for that next weekend.

Thursday, January 20, 2011

with pom-poms, no less

I finished baby hat #2 yesterday and the pink baby doll was eager to model again. I made it the same way as the first one on the circle loom, but this time I used a different yarn and it ended up a little bit bigger. I thought it'd be too big, but then it fit pink baby just fine, so I'm thinking it'll be okay. I also made two little pom-poms to dangle from the top. Super cute.

Even The Hater thought the pom-poms were adorable.

Pottypalooza update: The Hater stayed home today with Baby because his work was cancelled because of the ice storm. They had several potty successes. The day's total is 4 pee pees in the potty and one poo poo in the potty, plus 3 accidents. The Hater was Super Daddy today!

One of yesterday's pee pee accidents on the mat.
Please notice how the pee pools between the cushions - so fun to clean!

Tuesday, January 18, 2011

baby model

I finished the hat! Since it's so little it really didn't take me very long. I couldn't figure out how to pose it and then I remembered that Baby had one small doll that would work. Then Elmo got his feelings hurt, so she posed with him, too.

Elmo is such a camera hog.

Monday, January 17, 2011

Caps for a Cause

This past Saturday night I read the latest Parents magazine. This was a huge deal because I've not read one of those within the week that I received it in the mail since I was on maternity leave. So that in itself was exciting, but it had several sections that were timely for us, too.

This is one section that really caught my eye. I tried to go to the Parents website to just cut and paste it, but they didn't have it posted there. So any typos here are all mine:

From the February 2011 Parents magazine (p26)

Caps for a Cause

Donating money isn’t the only way to make a difference. Save the Children is asking people to knit a cap from now through February 28. The organization, a nonprofit that advocates for kids around the world, is sponsoring a charity drive to collect headwear for babies in an effort to reduce the number of newborn deaths in impoverished countries (4 million per year). If you’re interested in participating, you can get easy, free patterns at or your local Michaels store.


Look at that sweet preemie. Who wouldn't want to make her a hat?

So I started a hat Saturday afternoon. Been working on it from time to time and expect to be done with it soon. I'll post a picture when I do. I'm using the smallest circle loom that I have, but I'm a little worried that it may be too big. I may end up taking it to the hospital and asking the NICU nurses if it's too big for a preemie. If they say it is, then I'll have to decide between sending it to them anyway and just giving it to the newborns at our hospital. But I'm going to try! I'll post an update and picture when I have more to tell about it.

So at work today I was looking into the program. I started thinking I could easily crank out several caps between now and the end of next month. Turns out they don't really want your hats - they want you to make one hat and then tell other people to make a hat, too. Also, this program goes away on Feb 28th, so if you have any itch to help, carpe diem and get purling.

From the Save the Children website:

The Caps for Good grassroots initiative will be running from September 2010 through February, 2011 encouraging citizens of all ages to participate by making a cap and advocating and fundraising to provide newborn care in developing countries.

At the end of the program, caps will be distributed to pregnant women and new moms and their babies in Save the Children's programs in Asia, Africa and Latin America.

This is a link to a PDF file that will tell you all about this campaign.

The PDF packet has info and FAQs. It has a tag you can print and attach to the hat as a note to the mother. There's also a letter they want you to print and send with the hat that's a letter to the President saying to please support children and mothers. And the address to send the hat.

So if you're waiting for an invitation to help, this is it! If you fall in love with the idea and want to make lots of hats for preemies, contact your local hospital with a NICU -- they're always looking for hats. (And blankets that can be laid over the incubator to simulate the dark womb. Call and ask what their needs are - there are always needs for people with big hearts for little babies.)

Pottypalooza update: When I picked up Baby at daycare she was only on her 2nd pair of panties!!! Isn't that fantastic? She had an accident in the car on the way home, but none after we were here. She pee'd in the potty twice for me while she was home this evening. We're still taking her to sit on the potty every 15 minutes; she's not notified us of having to pee yet. She really loved the day care people making over her - so the training continues!

Sunday, January 16, 2011

Pottypalooza Day Three: Wrap-Up

It's been a long day and a really long weekend.

I'm starting to think that the people who go on and on about the 3-day plan are full of poo poo. We've not lost hope and we know that eventually she's going to "get it", but for us it wasn't in the three days. She didn't figure it out the pee cues.

However, we did use less panties today than we did either
of the previous two days. I think the full count was up to 5 for the day. So is that a success? Compared to 18 on Day 1, I'd say so... or maybe it's just a success that Mommy was trained better? Is it just semantics?

The only thing Baby really learned this weekend was that if she said "poo poo", then we'd run to the bathroom and she'd get one-on-one total attention. That's not entirely true - she learned that if she was sitting on the potty at the right time she'd also get stickers.

Yay! First poo poo success!

Tomorrow we're sending her to daycare with several extra pairs of clothes, 8 extra pairs of panties and 6 of the huge plastic panties to go over them. We've spoken to our daycare lady and they're game-on to continue the madness.

The Hater's closing thoughts: "Hell hath no fury like 3-day potty training."

He's just excited that Baby is going to daycare tomorrow when he gets to stay home and enjoy MLK day. I asked him if he wouldn't rather continue our forward momentum and keep her by himself for an unplanned Pottypalooza Day Four! He didn't think that was nearly as funny as I did.

Pottypalooza Day Three: Naptime Update

Baby is down for her nap in panty #4 for the morning. Hopefully she'll be dry after her nap.

We've had four incidental pee successes and one incidental poo success (or maybe she was holding it until we sat on the potty?). She has asked to sit on the potty twice.

My bottom is seriously sore from sitting on the little stool. I could read stories for three more weeks, but my bottom wouldn't take it.

This morning she was dry for a little over two hours straight. We kept going to sit on the potty, but with no success. I'd been thinking it for a while, but I finally said out loud to The Hater, "Wow. She's not gone this long before." Then within five minutes she showed us and I ran her to the bathroom while The Hater cleaned up the puddles.

She's not catching on to the pee-signals yet, but we continue to persevere, even though it's not the word of the day.

Pottypalooza Day Three: Pre-Game Show

She stayed dry during her nap yesterday! Yay! Unfortunately she wakes up grumpy (like her Daddy), so there were tears when I swooped her up and sat her on the potty as she was waking up... but they soon went away when we heard the magic tinkle sounds followed by Mommy and Daddy cheering.

I think yesterday we went through a total of seven pairs of panties, but the seventh pair stayed dry before it was time to bathe and put her to bed.

We think it's starting to click for her when she's about to pee because she gets a look on her face about eight milliseconds before pee runs down her leg. Now if we could just jump the hurdle for her to figure it out a little earlier.

I'm not sure if we're actually potty training her or if she's Mommy training me to know when to go set her on the potty. Yesterday we had a half dozen or so incidental pee-pee successes. Who knows if she's actually learning that she pees on the potty or if they're all just flukes. But, like I said, we celebrate every success.

Day Two was much easier with The Hater here to help, even though we didn't have nearly as many accidents. The adult conversation really helped my sanity.

Here we are at Day Three. I'm ready. The Hater isn't, but that's only because he's balked my requests for him to get out of bed. When he gets up I'm sure he'll be ready, too.

We've already pulled out all three of the new books. But we haven't pulled out the Elmo potty video yet. That may be our saving grace today.

My bottom is sore from sitting on the little step stool next to the potty to read books. She ran around yesterday with a red bottom from sitting on the potty. At least her seat is padded. I know our back-ends will be grateful when this stage is behind us.

We've made several calls to grandparents who appropriately ooh and aah and brag at the right times. Sometimes she'll ask to call Aunt Sister. Sometimes she's really into getting stickers and putting them on the sheet, and sometimes she wants nothing to do with them and would rather play than stand still and mess with stickers.

We're playing it by ear. The word of the day is momentum.

Saturday, January 15, 2011

Pottypalooza Day Two: Naptime Update

I just put Baby down for her nap in panty #5 for the day.

We started off with a big bang with a request to go poo poo. We sat for a while with no results, so we came back to the kitchen to work on breakfast. But she said "poo poo" again, so we ran back to the bathroom. She was a little scared, but we ended up with a successful poo deposit, followed by pee pee. We made over her and sang and danced.

We've had three pee pee accidents. She's not figured out that cue yet.

We've had a few more incidental pee successes. We celebrate big every time.

Fingers crossed that she stays dry during her nap today. Yesterday she didn't, but today I was a little nicer and I've not been pushing fluids as much. It just seems mean to push juice and chocolate milk, and then put her down with what will end up being a completely full bladder.

The Hater isn't convinced that she will figure anything out by the end of the weekend, but we continue to persevere. That is the word of the day, after all.

Pottypalooza Day Two: Pre-Game Show

The Hater has just returned from his sleep study. No results were shared with him. He's in the shower washing off goo. He has no idea what he's in for today's potty boot camp, but I think he'll figure out that it's way easier than he thought it'd be.

I took a shower last night because I felt like I had been marinated in pee.

I slept well and am physically, emotionally and spiritually prepared to do this all over again. I'm hopeful that Baby will be as eager and excited to comply.

My game plan really hasn't changed. Everything I've read says that if this works it should click for her between day two and day three. The magic word of the morning is persevere.

Friday, January 14, 2011

Pottypalooza Day One: Wrap-Up

We've pee'd and poop'd through a total of 19 or 20 pairs of panties today. I don't remember exactly how many and am not in the mood to go through them and count.

We had four incidental successes!! All while reading stories.

We read lots of stories. Actually, we only read 5 books, but we read them over and over for hours.

The Hater came home after work. He was here less than an hour when he declared that he couldn't have sat with her in the bathroom all day. He gets his chance to do time reading stories tomorrow.

I can't lie. There have been many moments today where I've wondered if this is really a step towards her independence or just another test to train me to be more patient.

The worst was a tie...
  • When she went through three pairs of panties in about fifteen minutes. I was really ready to cry.
  • When she had a huge soft, mushy poop complete with pieces of not totally digested food and I had to wipe it with toilet paper and put it in the potty. But in the process the poo got all over me, all over her, and all over the panties. Good times.
But the best, by far, is her look of shock and excitement when we hear the tinkle of pee pee in the toilet water. Then we both squeal with delight and she claps her hands while I sing and dance the pee pee dance.

I've got good vibes about tomorrow, but I'm really glad for an evening respite from reading "Mickey and the Beanstalk" and "Once Upon a Potty".

Pottypalooza Day One: Naptime Update

It's been a long morning. It started off with a bang with Baby telling me she needed to poo poo before she actually went, but I didn't get her to the potty in time.

The second poo of the day was followed by me trying to figure out what that smell was...

The whole timer and every 20 minute thing isn't really happening. We're going in there every time after she pees on herself and sitting on the potty. Reading material is a must.

She's on her 11th pair of panties.

We've had two fluke pee pee successes while sitting on the potty reading stories. She was really excited. I did the dances and tried not to cry with excitement.

The stickers have been a hit. She essentially gets two stickers every time we go to the bathroom - one for sitting on the potty and the second for washing her hands. Then if we have successful potty deposits she gets to choose another sticker from a fancy sheet. She has two of those for her successes because they most certainly count.

Nap time. Mommy needs to recharge, too.

Pottypalooza Day One: Pre-Game Show

Last night we cleaned the house and vacuumed. Then we rolled up the rug in the living room and the same for the rug in her room and vacuumed again. I'm more eager to clean up pee off of tile and hardwood than I am off of rugs. So the house is as ready as it can get.

We've been talking up big girl panties and the potty. She's not seen the new potty books yet. (Won't get them out all at once because we need to stretch the excitement.) Yesterday I made a sticker sheet and hung it on the fridge. Then I showed her the stickers she'll get for sitting on the potty and washing her hands. (Small foil stars) She was excited. So I showed her the stickers she'll get when she actually uses the potty (animal stickers), but she was way more excited about the stars. So hopefully that'll keep things fun for fifteen more minutes.

I'm trying to take these last few moments to embrace my inner zen. I think that mostly I'm excited to stay home and play. :)

I don't know if I'll be able to post multiple updates, but I'll definitely come back tonight and recap our day's festivities. Do me a favor - every time you sit on the potty today please think of us and send us successful vibes.

Saturday, January 08, 2011

potty plans

I've been reading a lot about this. Everything says that the trick is being consistent and totally devoting time to the process and at this age (21 months) she should pick up on it quickly.

I love the idea of the 3 day method, so that's what I'm going to do. (As soon as I came back to work from maternity leave one of the radiation oncologists with whom I work told me that's the way to go. I've been getting coaching and tips since then!) I'm taking off next Friday so we can have 3 full days of potty training adventures. She told me that if we do this right we'll be blubbering idiots by Monday morning and will have lost at least 90 IQ points, but we should have an almost completely trained toddler, too.

I'm not going to buy the book - Baby Center had a lot of good potty training info. We're going to do a modified version of their 3 day script. I'm going to crank up the heat and put Baby in a long-sleeved shirt and big girl panties (instead of being bare bottomed). I'm going to set a timer to go off every 20 minutes, at which point we'll go sit on the potty and read some stories. (Some new-to-her books, some favorites.) When she pees on herself we'll go 20 minutes from there; lather, rinse, repeat.

Every time there's an accident you let her help you clean it up. As you're cleaning you talk about how pee pee goes in the potty. Never make them feel embarrassed for their accidents, but be matter of fact about it. No shame allowed.

When she successfully uses the potty, we'll sing a special song with a stupid dance (that I've not made up yet). They have one at day care, but we need one for here, too. I also plan on making lots of phone calls to friends and grandparents so they can brag on her. (An email will go out this week to them to confirm that they will be home next weekend and query better times for us to call.)

We're going to get the seat that fits onto the regular toilet tomorrow because that's what she'll have to use at day care. I also have a little potty and I've not decided yet if that's going to go away when we do this or if I"ll move it to the living room for her to use, too.

We will sing potty songs, dance potty dances, read potty books and talk potty potty potty. It will be all-potty-all-the-time. No tv. All potty.

During all of this you push salty snacks and fluids. This will not be a weekend of high nutritional value. :) I plan on having lots of juice, chocolate milk, (maybe coke, not decided yet -- my coach said that was the way to go) and salty snacks like cheetos, cheezits and ritz crackers.

On my recon shopping trip last week I was shocked to see how expensive the character panties were at TRU. So right now I'm thinking that tomorrow I'll get one to two packs of character panties, but the rest of noncharacter panties. We'll see what they have and what gets her excited. All this week I've been showing her my panties and letting her hold the panties I already have for her and we've been talking about how she's going to use the big potty next week and wear big panties like a big girl.

With what I read - the first day you shouldn't expect more than one to three successful potty deposits (and that may be the last few drips that you successfully hover them over the toilet). I found a story of a lady who was planning to do the 3-day method and she blogged about it before and then after to say what really happened. She said they went through 20 pairs of panties the first day, then 10 on day two, three on day three. (I'd like to have 25-30 pairs of big girl panties on hand just in case our first day isn't as successful.)

Something apparently clicks in their head between day two and day three and many kids have few accidents afterwards. (They're more likely to have poo accidents than pee accidents.)

I've also talked with our day care lady a lot this week about this. She's anti pull-ups because they feel to much like a diaper to the kids and it takes longer to train them because of that. (Not to mention they're hexpensive!) I'm also going to need a few pairs of the rubber/plastic trainer bloomers for day care.

The 3-day program also says that at home for the first three months after your potty weekend you let them run around bare-bottomed under their pants. We're not going to do that. We're going big girl panties the whole way.

Neither Baby nor I will leave the house during Pottypalooza. They say on day two you can get out in the afternoon for an hour, but you have to stay close to the house (like go for a walk), timed after they pee in the potty. It's supposed to be arctic here next week, so I'm doubting we do that. Then on day three they say you can go out for an hour in the morning and an hour in the afternoon, timed after using the potty, but I'm not committed to that, either. That's all going to depend on the weather for us.

We may be taking this adventure in tandem with Jane and her daughter in Kentucky. If that's the case I'm sure we'll both be wading in pee, but maybe we can Skype to sing each other's kids our potty songs, break up the monotony.

The hard core 3-day stuff I've read says you throw all the diapers away and totally commit to this. I'm not that committed. I know that it takes a longer time to stay dry during the night, so we're going to keep putting her in night time diapers. The daytime and afternoon nap will be all panties all the time. (Right now she's staying dry through naps, so I'm hopeful that'll continue.)

If for some reason the weekend doesn't work you're supposed to pick another weekend 6-8 weeks in the future and try, try again. I'm really hopeful that it'll be successful since she's showing interest. From what I've read it's a great age to forge ahead. Day care is urging us to start and are eager to do their part in the process.

I know that eventually she'll be potty trained and that this process in no way requires this much thought on my part, but this is how I organize myself. I know and expect to go through 8 rolls of paper towels and to wash multiple loads of pee and poop panties. My expectations are realistic and my RN training has more than prepared me to clean up bodily fluids.

Really I look at this like the process of giving up her fooler. We tried over a weekend at 6 months. After that weekend she only used it when she was sleeping in the crib, but we weren't able to go cold turkey. It was certainly better than before we tried, but she wasn't ready yet. When we tried again at 8 months she quickly joined the ranks of all other children in Pacifiers Anonymous. If for some reason this Pottypalooza doesn't take I'm hopeful that we'll be one step closer than we are right now and that later everything will click so that it's effortless - just like now how I put her into the crib awake with no fooler and no tears.

Some things I need from you--
  1. We need a theme song. I definitely need a new playlist. Any ideas?
  2. Put this on your back burner: I'm hopeful that at the end of next weekend we're going to kiss the near end of Baby's babyhood goodbye. Whenever this happens I'm going to need a new pseudonym for her. Mull on it and when we get to that point I'm going to give and ask for suggestions. (Right now I'm strongly leaning towards the first name I wanted to name her that was completely shot down by the person after whom she was going to be named... but I'm open to suggestions.)
  3. Good vibrations!

Thursday, January 06, 2011


Next weekend (not this weekend) we are going to do a 3-day all-potty-all-the-time potty training adventure. I'm going to take off work that Friday for three days of potty boot camp.

These are some of the things we still need to get:
  • The toilet seat that fits onto our regular toilet. That's what they have at day care and we want her to be used to using it.
  • Big Girl Panties. I have some, but not enough to get her through a day of just wearing those. I read to expect to go through 20-25 panties the first day. I have some, but not enough. Need to get some Dora.
  • More paper towels. We have dozens of accidents ahead of us.
  • A couple of more potty books. I went to TRU this afternoon and was exceedingly disappointed that they had lots of books and videos for BOYS, but only one for girls. We need some stories to read for the many potty trips ahead of us. Hopefully I can snag a couple more this weekend (or borrow from friends!).
  • Salty snacks and lots of tasty fluids to encourage her to drink. It will not be a weekend of high nutritional value.
  • And more I'm forgetting, I'm sure. But hopefully we'll remember this weekend when we restock.
The next series of posts will most likely be Potty Boot Camp strategy and Pottypalooza updates (unless something else entirely exciting happens in the interim).

Please feel free to share any potty training advice in the comments. For the next week I'm gathering everybody's best suggestions for the plans of what will be our potty adventures.