Sunday, August 31, 2008

our choice

The Hater and I declined genetic testing for the fetus.  We decided that the results, no matter what they may be, would not change our minds about going through the pregnancy.  For us, it wouldn't be right to abort, and it makes little sense to consent to a procedure that carries a 10-15% chance of losing the baby.

That was our choice.  Fundamentally, I'm certain that the choice could have gone no other way.  But again, that was our choice to make.

We don't pretend to know the complications of strangers' situations.  We're not going to judge them by our set of preconceptions of what is right.  But we do respect their autonomy to make choices for themselves.  That's why The Hater likes to say that we're "pro adoption" when painted into a pro choice vs pro life argument.  

Unfortunately, society twists lots of issues into unnecessary dichotomies.  

Sunday, August 24, 2008

boy named Sue

I'm really pulling for Sue if it's a boy.
The Hater is adamant that this is a terrible idea and won't even entertain the thought of it.
I reckon he's afraid that the kid will grow up mean and hit him hard between the eyes.
Still, it has a great ring to it.

boy named Sue

I'm really pulling for Sue if it's a boy.
The Hater is adamant that this is a terrible idea and won't even entertain the thought of it.
I reckon he's afraid that the kid will grow up mean and hit him hard between the eyes.
Still, it has a great ring to it.

Saturday, August 23, 2008

new season, new plan

The United States Federal Government should substantially increase alternative energy incentives in the United States.

The Hater says I can't discuss our secret strategies, but I will share this year's CX resolution.  

I'm excited about the resolution because my favorite default is voting for the team that stops the most nuclear wars.  

Our poor baby has no chance.  They're destined to a life a nerddom.

Monday, August 18, 2008

first portrait

We are go for a heartbeat people (176 bpm).  Everything is on par for the course.  My estimated due date is March 29, 2009.  We are excited, but still a little hesitant until we pass the 12th week.

We're in the 9th week today.  Actually, he said we were 8 weeks and 3 days, but we're not that into details.

The Hater is taking me to supper tonight to celebrate.

Okay, so baby's head is the bottom circle, and the feet are angled up to the left.  And yes, it has my eyes.

Sunday, August 17, 2008

...---... ...---...

This is a test.  This blog is conducting a test of the non-blogger posting system.  The author of this blog in voluntary cooperation with the Fedearl, State adn local authorities has developed this system to keep you informed in the event of an emergency.  If this had been an actual emergency, such as a baby fiasco, weather-report or Manning injury, the Attention Signal you may have noticed would have been followed by official information, news or instructions.  This blog serves the literate and web-friendly areas.  This concludes this test of the non-blogger posting system.  

echo of a post

It's been busy.  I know that's not a great excuse, but it's the one I'm going to roll with today.

First thing's first - -  we see the OB tomorrow for the first ultrasound.  We're hoping for a heartbeat in the right place.  I think we'll relax a little after we pass that benchmark.

I've not been throwing up, which is nice.  Mom said she never did, and I'm really hoping that I've inherited those pregnancy genes from her.  However, this week I have been feeling "not right" in the mornings - from about 8:30 or 9am until 1 or 2pm.  It's not really nausea or queasiness, but what I would imagine about a half step below that would be.  I'm still able to eat, but nothing sounds good during those times.  I'm hoping this will pass in a week or so.

I've also been exhausted.  More tired on top of my standard tired makes for a super tired girl at the end of the day.  

Fabulous news - The Hater and I have been offered a crib and changing table hand-me-down, and we're tickled to be in line for it.  They'll also throw in the sports-themed baby boy bedding, if we end up with a boy.  That would be great... although I think it's imperative that we find some kind of Vol mobile to go with it.  Start them singing Rocky Top really young.  If it's a girl we'll have to find someone else who wants to get rid of their she-themed bedding.  

We have plenty of time for that stuff.  It'll be a while before we know what it is.  Our preference is a healthy full-term baby...  we're not hung up on the details yet.

The Hater and I have already started asserting our name preferences.  Although kids will always find a way to pick on other kids, we really are trying to come up with a name that won't assume playground taunting.  That goes the same for initials -- although I'm tickled at some of the three letter words we could spell with baby's initials, we really will try not to come up with a name that also spells a target word.

We saw the OB a couple of weeks ago.  I'm pretty sure he calculated my due date wrong... so it'll be good to get the right date tomorrow.  I'm thinking it'll be late late March or early early April.  Maybe it'll fall on Sister's birthday.

The Hater's Mom called last week to remind us that his family has a history of lots of twins.  That's a can of worms we're not even considering right now.  At this point we're hoping for a heartbeat in the right place...  We'll post when we know more.

Meanwhile, other exciting things in our life include the upcoming football season.  Phil has really stepped on my toes, and we'll fire off another preseason letter to him soon.  We've been watching preseason Titans football, which is fun -- but we really wish that Vince had some good WRs.  Not drafting a WR has really hurt The Hater's "five year plan" predictions.

I want to see if I can figure out how to blog from my cell phone.  Maybe we'll play with that feature this afternoon, between naps.