Friday, March 23, 2007


In some ways in life I've drawn the short stick. Most of them are obvoius and need no further explaination. However, in many, many ways - ways too numerous to count - I am also very fortunate.

A friend sent this short message to me, and it was too good not to steal and share with you:*

In sixteen minutes, it's a new day.
One potentially nothing like today was.
Fully capable of being the best day in the history of days before it, in fact.

Let's watch and see.

This person didn't know I had a cruddy week, which makes the message even more meaningful. True friendships - those that stand the test of time, distance and differences - are among my most priceless posessions.

Thanks for always being there, even if it was figuratively. Thanks for being you.

* I would've made this post fancier (changed the font, maybe the color, indent the quoted text, added a picture, etc), but couldn't because the Mac doesn't like to play those games. So read it again and imagine that it's much fancier than it looks now. (Then remind me again why I'm supposed to think the Mac is wonderful.)

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