Tuesday, March 20, 2007

design me

The Hater and I have a meeting this afternoon with the "design team" to haggle over the details of the interior and exterior of the house. I sincerely feel somewhat sorry for whoever gets assigned to us because neither of us are nor have ever been trendy. Our style is mandated by the types of furniture that our family is willing to share, from the little-boy-blue couch with shells sewen into the material to the bedroom set with wheat carved into the pieces. We are what is available to us in Nana's basement, and we're proud of it.

The design people told The Hater to bring fabric samples of our furniture. I laughed when he told me this. We're going to lean towards neutral colors and worry about getting furniture to match at a later date. We're really not upset too much by things that don't match.

Although yesterday I saw a guy walking into the hospital wearing a dark suit with white pinstripes, a pale blue shirt with green pinstripes, and a navy tie with gray pinstripes (the navy did not match the suit color). He wore the blocky I'm-trying-to-make-an-impression-with-my-glasses glasses that were an olive green with an orange tint. His hair, although tossed by Uglyhoma wind, had gel and intentional curl placement. He wore black swanky (tightly-laced) shoes that looked to be way out of my price range. The stripe combination caused me to take a second look, one more curious and studious. He looked at me looking at him and I smiled. He smiled continued walking the other way. I did it; I turned around and looked at the stripes again, deciding the look must have been on purpose. This must be trendy.

This afternoon I'm going to request the house be painted in pinstripes.


arielle said...

OMG! Elton John was in Uglyhoma???! Too bad you didnt have your camera. That would have been a great submission to those magazines that do the Dos and Don'ts.

Molly Jane said...

You know...perhaps in NY or LA...but Uglyhoma? I think not, baby. I think not.

Mommavia said...

To funny! We did stripes in Jack's room...not pinstripes, but thick awesome kid-room stripes. It's one of my favorite rooms in the house!

Neutrals are always a good choice...a flax or coffee-with-lots-of-creamer color really can cozy-up a room. But then bold colors make such a huge statement that it doesn't matter what color your furniture is! We have a huge deep red wall, you see it as soon as you walk into the house...I've had lots of fun painting in this house!