Tuesday, March 06, 2007


My right shoulder and neck are still super sensitive from my second surgery last year. It doesn't always bother me, but from time to time the neuropathy REALLY makes itself remembered. When that happens it's a combination of pins and needles and burning sensations on said shoulder and neck. The good news is that when this does happen, it usually doesn't last too long.

Somewhere along the way we were told that this stuff would resolve itself in a year. Well, a year quickly approaches and there's been little relief.

I don't like collars on clothes that rub my neck. I don't like blankets on my neck. I can hardly tolerate necklaces on my neck. And this is all upsetting my chi and making me tingle, as you can imagine...

So I've started trying to desensitize my neck by doing those things that bother me. I'm thinking that maybe by doing it, it'll get used to things touching it and then not bother me anymore. Worst case scenario, I'm annoyed and nothing changes.

Best case? It quits setting me on fire. We're obviously pulling for the latter.

And in the mean time I'm getting lots of compliments on a certain necklace that I received for Christmas. Thanks so much!


Arielle said...

Oh man! Nobody messes with the CHI! Hope you get your normalcy back babe!

Mommavia said...

A year...whatever. Who ever came up with that mumbo-jumbo never had their neck sliced and diced. I tell you what, 2 years after my 3rd surgery and I still was having neuropathy issues, not as often, maybe once a month. But it was going away just in time to be split open again. I couldn't wear necklaces until a year after my surgery, mostly because I was fed up with not wearing them! And now that my throat has been cut 4 times and I am numb from my shoulders to my cheeks, it doesn't make a difference!

I still can't do turtle necks or scarves for a long time though.