Saturday, January 13, 2007

yellow bracelets

Tune in to CNN tonight and tomorrow night at 8pm and 11pm EST for a special on cancer and America, Saving Your Life. Hosted by Dr. Sanjay Gupta and featuring my buddy, Lance Armstrong.

FYI: This was filmed while I was at the Livestrong Summit in Austin last October. My friends and I are in the audience, and are in the section that is in front of the speakers. Most of the camera pan sweeps are with audience members to the left and right of the stage... so I'm not expecting my big television debut. But you should watch it and look for Waldo anyhow.

This seems like an appropriate time to tell you about my last lab that was drawn a couple of weeks ago. My TSH was still low, so they've re-upped my Synthroid dose (thank goodness). I should feel the effects of that increase in the next few weeks. My tumor marker was up; that's not so good news. What was a probable dose and scan this spring has turned into a definite dose and scan, plus or minus a PET scan, too. It's not end of the world news, but it's just a reminder that this dog and pony show isn't over yet.

And, even though Angry Dissenter warns that we shouldn't play the "it could be worse" game, that it's the game you always win, that it's the game that doesn't actually solve anything or make anything better... We're just glad that it's not so high we have to have another surgery. It could be worse.

So watch the CNN special this weekend and learn what you can do to save your life.


Unequivocal_Prowess said...

Well let's see...that means your radiation round will come right around the time I should be getting fat and bitchy anyways, so probably not too bad of a time to spend some time away from the Harrison clan.

Pissy news. Not making me much happier, but whatcha gonna do except keep rollin' with the punches, ya know?

I will look for your beautiful face in the audience tonight. Wouldn't it just be awesome if you were really visible the whole time and the camera caught you doing something, say picking your nose on national t.v.? he he he...that would be great...I am definetely watching now!

Arielle said...

Lance is a hottie, is it just me?

And thanks for the compliments on my new layout. I thought it was a new year and time for a new look. Also I made the little side bar with our pics in it and decided I wanted it to match.

As for the scrapbooking layouts, thank you, but I wont be leading the pack, just a guest designer for one month. I wish someone would let me be on their design team permanently, then I would get free stuff. LOL

Mommavia said...

I've considered a neck translplant to rid me of my neck woes. Maybe we could go in for a 2 for 1 deal?

genderist said...

I'm totally up for a neck transplant. Especially if that means I don't have to go hypo for it. :)

And, yes, Lance IS a hottie!