Tuesday, January 02, 2007

congrats, Boise State!

43-42 in OT-- despite some poor calls in the 4th quarter and a magical hook and ladder, the Broncos prevailed with a classic statue of liberty play! That's what I'm talking about! They went for it!

Serious football like that deserves an undefeated season. Who knew blue astroturf held such magical properties. We'd like to nominate the Boise State coach for Coach of the Year. (He was like the Pete Maravich of football.)

I have one very serious thing to say to the BCS: Boomer! It's time for a college playoff game.

And it means that much more to us that they beat Uglyhoma. Super congratulations from a couple of serious Vols. Thanks for an exciting game; you deserve the W.


genderist said...

I made some really great jokes at work yesterday regarding OU's bowl loss... We have a little hand-held machine that tests a persons oxygen level in their blood by placing a sensor over their finger. I put it on mine and raised my index finger over my head like the OU fans do at kickoff, and said the letter "O" (Ohhhhhhhhhhhhhhh), and then instead of saying "U"!, I said "2!" It was a hoot.

Get it? O2? Like Oxygen? Like how you lost the bowl game?

(Yeah, we lost our bowl game, too. But I'm not as sore about it, and we have few things to make a Vol parady in the office.)

genderist said...

parody-- phonics only works sometimes, G