Monday, January 15, 2007

sleepy in our eyes

That's right... another snow day! My boss called last night after I'd gone to sleep and told my husband the good news: no work on Monday. Too much ice. We celebrated by sleeping late and watching DVRd shows.

It's good for me that I'm not working today because I filleted my right index finger yesterday while checking out The Hater's saw blade on his Gerber. Who knew the saw blade was as sharp as a knife blade. I do now. Another day out of being washed umpteen-zillion times will be good for its healing.

The cat has been exceptionally sweet and cuddly today, not to mention crazy running around, too. We think she'll be even crazier running around girl tomorrow after we go back to work. She likes it better when we're both here. Come to think of it, so do we.

Nobody has officially told us that we'll be working tomorrow, but we're pretty sure the roads will be clear enough for us to go back to the salt mines. But secretly inside we're hoping that when it gets down to 6 tonight it'll be cold enough to refreeze everything so that we won't have to go back... even though another day would mean crazy catch-ups whenever we do go back to work.


Arielle said...

You could always wear one of those nifty little finger condoms to keep your owie safe. I have kids, can you tell? I said owie! LOL

Its crazy that you are south and you got so much snow and I am up here by Chicago and we barely have an inch today.

Mommavia said...

Yes! I made the list! Another day off work wouldn't be so bad, no matter how much catch-up you have to do! Another day off would mean just 3 days again until the weekend!

LV7 said...

chicago got snow, it just waited until tonight to come down :) *points* *brr's, for effect*

genderist said...

Well, I've made a big mistake here... it's a Leatherman, not a Gerber.

You know, I went to Target looking for finger condoms, and they didn't have any! For real. I bought some little bandaid strip things for fingers instead. I'll have to make my own finger condom at work today.

bill said...

But did you explicitly ask for 'finger condoms'? I would suspect that'd get a rise from your average tarjet clerk. Well, maybe not in California...

As for praying for more cold, sleet, and frozen roads: You're never to old to want a snow day. Never.