Thursday, January 25, 2007


Next week will be a big week for us.

Tuesday afternoon I will be getting my gateway tattoos. As much as I'd like to tell you that I'm going to get barbed wire tattooed everywhere or a sexy "sleeve" of flowers up my arm, the truth is that I'm not getting anything as exciting as that. I will be getting eyeliner tattooed Thursday afternoon. Yep, eyeliner. And I've been in preparation by eating one cup of fresh pineapple every day this week.

Don't get me wrong - I like pineapple. But it's hard to eat a whole cup of it for several days. It's supposed to help the collagen somehow, and by doing that decrease bruising. I've noticed that my lips are poofier, which would make since. If you want poofier lips and don't want botox, eat boatloads of pineapple!

Little Brother says that eyeliner tattoos don't count as tattoos. He says they're too fru-fru to be a "tattoo". I counter that they will be my gateway tattoos, which he thinks is an acceptable answer.

We'll be taking before and after pictures. I will most likely look like I've been at the bottom of a dogpile for a couple of days. We already have some ice packs made up in the freezer. Until then, I am the Pineapple Queen.

Meanwhile, Zoloft officially has an appointment to get her front claws declawed by laser next Thursday. She does not seem to be either excited or worried about this venture. It is very likely we will be pitiful together. We had to schedule her surgery around a time when The Hater and I would both be home to help hold her down for her antibiotics and pain medicine. She won't be happy with us for a while... but it'll be okay.

The other big finale for next week will be the Super Bowl. (That is next week, right?) The Hater says that Peyton is favored to win by several points, but I'm still nervous. Maybe I should wear all of the rings in my jewelry boxfor the game to send ring-like-vibes to him.

If all goes as planned it will be the trifecta week of destiny.


Arielle said...

Permanent eyeliner. Hmmm, that sounds interesting. I don't think I like pineapple enough to eat it that much...but its good you're prepared. Don't forget to post if you like it or not, I can't wait to hear your take on permanent makeup.

Hope you have a great interview too!

Mommavia said...

Yeah, it doesn't count as a tat...but I'll buy gateway tat. So is your interview before or after the tats?

Peyton better watch out, I feel a Bear attack coming on!