Saturday, January 20, 2007

8" lie

We were supposed to get mucho snow today. Alas, all it's done is rain. It did sleet for a little while, but it stopped and rained again. The Hater is sure that he'll have to work Monday.

As of now there's no question that we'll both be working.

Meanwhile, I think my interview went well yesterday. The boss had to leave about twenty minutes into it (with apologies), so I'm not so sure how that will impact my chances. The three of them are supposed to meet on Monday to talk about the interview. The good thing about the rain is that there's no question they'll have to work, too.

This afternoon I made some homemade chicken noodle soup, which we decided was an A+. I froze half of it so that we can eat it again in a few weeks. The rest of it is in the fridge, sucking up its own juices, and will be the main staple for tomorrow.

For supper I made some salmon croquets, which weren't as good as Nana's recipe. I voted it was a B-, but The Hater said they were a B . So we may end up making those again sometime.

Sans thunder snow, tomorrow's plan is taking it easy and watching some movies. If I get froggy, I might bake some ham rolls. We'll see.

Little Brother has been here since Friday afternoon. He and The Hater played soccer last night while I konked out. It was another 17 hour Olympic sleep-out for me. He (Little Brother) brought me his dirty laundry to do, so we've finished the weekend laundry +/- for now.

As of now The Hater wants to go to the casino because he's mad we didn't get any snow. Little Brother wants to watch the fight. I'm getting tired, so who knows what will happen tonight...

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