Monday, January 01, 2007

new year fumbling

UT lost their bowl game to Penn State, 20-10.

On one had we're sad. On the other, we're just tickled their season was better than last year. Coach Fulmer, you're safe for another season in our books. Cutcliffe, you rock.

We're not going to let the loss rain on our '07 parade. We've already had our turnip greens and black-eyed peas, and my second attempt at the haystacks (via the microwave instead of the redneck double boiler). They're cooling and we've decided that '07 has to be better than '06.

I'm super proud to announce that I kept my '06 resolution the ENTIRE year. If you remember, I resolved to let my eyebrows grow back by not plucking (or waxing) them again. And I'm here today, a year later, pleased to report that nary a tweezer came close to my face, much to the chagrin of Sister and the Vietnamese ladies who do my pedicures. Tada.

That one took so much energy that I'm going to make a low-key '07 resolution: I am resolved that we won't have any more surgeries this year. The Hater thinks that's a great resolution; we'll try really hard to keep it.

Here's hoping everybody's year is exactly what they secretly want it to be.

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