Sunday, January 07, 2007

he's the one that I want

Because he lets me watch the new musical tv shows... on the big tv and everything. And! He even ti-vo'd a musical I've not seen. And he hates musicals, so that means a lot.

I've been a snotty mess this weekend. The nice thing about being at home is that I don't have to wash my hands every time after I sneeze or blow my nose. Monday draws near and my hands have almost recovered enough to take another week of chlorahexadine scrubs.

The cat is no longer afraid of the new living room set-up. She has reclaimed her seat on the sofa and slept there most of the weekend. It's a hard life for this house cat.


Kate said...

Can you wear hand cream at work? Not to be a horrible salesperson, but Hemp Hand Protector from TBS is really good (we have a ton of healthcare pros in to buy it) and has a bit of water resistance to it so it doesn't wash off the first time you wash your hands... Having said that, I don't know if any of these nurse-y sorts are in your sort of department... :-s

Kate said...

Salesperson off.

Sorry you're all sick and such. It sucks. To put it mildly.

genderist said...

Hey, thanks Kate... but after much rumblings we've finally gotten them to supply us with lotion. (We have to use a certain kind that will gee-haw with latex gloves.)

But thanks for the idea. :)

Arielle said...

I love the new musical TV show! Too bad they weren't auditioning for Rizzo cause I would have tried out then!

Hope you are feeling better too!