Sunday, January 21, 2007

ham rolls

FYI: puff pastry does not equal fillo

Today's culinary disaster involves a minor shopping faux pas. See statement above.

We ended up not with ham rolls, but papery ham things, brushed in egg, and not very good. Although I am proud my palate decided that apple butter would help the dryness and bring out the cayenne pepper. They were so bad that we only ate a couple of them before throwing the rest away.

Thank goodness we had leftover chicken soup!

I'm super PMSing today and about to leave the apartment for some air before Peyton's game. The Hater says I shouldn't care who wins this game, but I'm hoping the Bears beat the Saints because I don't want New Orleans to get any more steam for the Super Bowl. That would put mucho pressure on my Peyton.

Weather update: No snow this weekend. Just some rain. We'll both be working tomorrow. Pshaw.

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