Wednesday, January 10, 2007


Yesterday was a big day for the tech world. Imagine a big Star Trek and a big Star Wars convention being held in a town where the people dressed up as Jedi made faces at the people dressed up as Vulcans.

In the computer world it was a PC convention and a Mac convention... held in different states to keep the gawky stares down. And the new big i-feature was unveiled, as The Hater has been bugging me about for months: the iPhone.

No doubt I'll get this wrong, but here's my attempt to describe it:

iPhone: The Hater's current cell phone :: Willy Wonka's Chocolate Factory: Charlie Bucket

It has bells and whistles and syncs with the Mac and isn't it wonderful and can I have one when our current cell phone contract is up because we were talking about changing service anyway and you can have one, too, and the 3-way calling stuff works with this one and you can check your email and you can minimize the screen by just touching it!! Gasp!

iPhone: The Hater's current cell phone :: the Tennessee-Alabama Fireworks store: one sparkler

I haven't caught the iEnergy, but it is exciting. Currently I'm a little miffed at the Mac... You see, I had a Chia pet on my widgets. Had. Imagine a dashboard where you can personalize whatever little doo-dads you want to have at easy access on the desktop. Calander, calculator, word of the day, temperature, google bar, and fun little games and such. Click - boom kind of toys. I chose a Chia pet. To keep it alive you just have to click on it every day.

At first I thought you just had to click on it when you were logged onto your sign in. Death to Chia #1.

And so I started Chia #2 before I realized our trip home would surely kill it. It did.

So we came back from home and I started Chia #3 with full intentions of watching it grow off of the screen. I missed one day this weekend. One day. RIP #3 virtual plant.

I'm an iHerbiciderer. I failed to click one day.

I'm really mad about it. I think there should be some kind of one-day-clause. It's a CHIA PET. A no-muss, no-fuss plant. Why does it need a click every day? Give me a break. They're so low maintenance that children can take care of them.

I've not created Chia #4 yet because I don't know if I can commit to being on the desktop every day. So dead Chia #3 looks at me every time I see my widgets. It's upside down, donning a sign that says "You failed to water your Chia." Sad.

So I'm a little iMiffed right now. I'm glad that we have time between when the phone comes out and when our current cell phone contract dies... give it time for the iBugs to be worked out. Maybe I should tell The Hater that he can have a phone if he can keep one of the virtual Chia Pets alive for more than three months.

Nah, that would be too mean to poor Charlie. At least he didn't try the full-course bubble gum like Violet Beaureguard.


LV7 said...

Yeah, it looked nifty from the presentation they gave yesterday... Some footage/clips and such here that shows what the iPhone does...

Looked fun and cool, and all those words.

But, while it does a zillion things, I don't know if I'd spend $499 for one (or 599 for the 8gb kind). :)

Anonymous said...

Hey, I'm in Teguscigalpa Honduras on a real adventure. I am here by myself, but I reunite with my Rotarian companions Saturday at the airport to go on to Choluteca HN and get some work done. I am just playing now.

Hasta luego.