Wednesday, January 03, 2007

refuse me

Before Christmas lots of my coworkers had an upper respiratory ick. I told thm I wasn't going to get it. I refused it.

Now they're passing around a stomach bug and fever. I've refused it, too.

But in the interim I think I'm getting the upper respiratory cough/hack/sniffle shuffle, and I'm less than thrilled. There's nothing that makes a day seem longer than when you can only breathe out of one nostril. If I start coughing a lot I'll have to wear one of those really sexy paper masks.

I hear there's supposed to be power in the written word, so I'd like to officially refuse the sickness in my life, from cold to thyroglobulin. I'm done with you. I refuse you. Go away and pester nobody else.

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Kate said...

I've been attempting to say that as well - I spent NYE at a friend's place, and her BF was battling stomach flu (which hit AFTER we arrived for the evening). I'm praying I don't get it now.

Health vibes being sent your way!