Tuesday, January 09, 2007

pester pester pester

Relentless. The cat pestered me for petting all night long. Nevermind that she didn't want any attention from us while we were awake and watching football. Oh, no... that would have been too easy.

The Hater is excited that he gets to wear jeans to work today. I'm wearing scrubs today, which isn't nearly as exciting. The cat is wearing an old collar; I might be looking into getting her another one this weekend when The Hater is out of town.

We were pleased to see the SEC dominate the Big 10 again last night. I rooted for Florida and The Hater rooted for a double loss. Ohio State is now 0-8 against SEC teams over the last five years. The Hater adds: And remember, we only lost by one point to Florida this year.

Last night during the game I completed my obsession with this online game, a modern version of the old snake game. You remember, the one where you're the snake and you slither around the box picking up pieces that make you longer all the while you can't touch yourself or the box where you're slithering. This time it's a mouse game instead of an arrow game... and I beat the game last night. All the way to level 50. Hard core.

Nothing else exciting... I'm going to make a list of things to do this weekend while The Hater's out of town. While the cat's away....

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