Saturday, May 06, 2006

why do I bother

This time of year I start to get excited about what I'm going to plant in the pots on our small porch. We needed plants that love hot, full sun. I start researching months before it's time to plant to plan the perfect potted porch paradise.

This morning I awoke with the bug and proceeded to draw out final plans for the plants I would need to pretty up the porch that overlooks a sea of asphalt and erosion. Knowing that the closest nursery is pricy, I thought I'd go look at Home Depot first. Their selection disappointed me, but I picked up a couple of small things.

It started to drizzle. What great timing to play in the dirt, I was thinking, there won't be any lines in the landscaping departments because of the weather. I headed to Lowes, who had a better selection, but still not what I was hoping to find. I left there with something that wasn't on my list, after waiting in line for about twenty minutes.

I called The Hater to make sure he had no opinions about what I planted. I wanted to make sure he didn't care what color flowers the plants had. I told him that BigDaddy didn't care what Nana planted, so long as it wasn't pink. And every year since his death, she's had nothing but pink in her back yard. I was telling him this because I thought it would be important to have this conversation before I came home with flowers that he didn't like. He assured me that he would like whatever I decided to plant, whatever color it might be.

But that was the problem. I really like the flowers with purple and blue blooms, but when we've tried those on the porch in the past, you really can't see them when you're walking from your car to the apartment. They get lost in front of the dirty gray building.

I proceeded to the nursery, wide-eyed and having a great time. I found a strawberry pot and lots of reasonably priced goodies to bring back with me. The Hater helped me get them up the stairs, through the apartment, and out to the deck without any major carpet drama.

I worked for about two hours mixing dirt and planting. It's young now, but by mid-summer it should really put on a show. Of course I only brought back two things that were on my original list. I wonder now why I bother making a list, but next year I'll probably be doing the same thing.

Here are the final selections:

Asparagus Fern (left)

In the past this plant has went bananas on our porch. We're hoping for another big green show this year.

Arizona Sun Blanket Flower (right)

We've not tried this one before, but it says that it loves hot, full sun, and droughts - so we'll see how it does. The few blooms showing really dazzle from the parking lot. The Hater declares it as his favorite thus far, and the many unopened blooms are hiding a future show.

Lisanthus (left, blue)

Again, not on my list. But the sign at the nursery had a sun without sunglasses and a big sign that said they recommended it. I went straight for the blue ones.

Apple Mint (right)

My parents have been suggesting a mint plant for the last couple of years. This one should grow 18-24 inches and produce a summer of perfect sweet tea.

Alyssum (left)

Imagine these little flowers, except with blue versions. This year I talked myself into adding some little goodies like these to my list for more color inside my pots. Again, not on my list.

Hens and Chicks (right)

Of coure they were on my list! Why else would I have gotten a strawberry pot, you ask. I'm hoping for babies to give away soon, so get something to put them in when they're ready to share.

Ivy (left) (honorable mention)

Boring, yet about the only thing that will live inside of our dark apartment.

I played all morning and early afternoon, ate a late lunch, and zonked quickly. I had a great nap, not realizing how tired I was. It really wore me out, but I think the porch will look nice in a couple of months.

After The Hater fixed my supper, leftover steak and a mashed sweet potato, he's been playing football video games. He drafted this year's college players from the NCAA football game, saved that class, started a new Titans franchise on the NFL game, traded for the 3rd draft pick, and then drafted Vince Young and Lawrence Mahoney to his team. He's having a good time playing real life simulations.

And I've just made brownies. It was time to heed the chocolate call.


nicole said...

I admire ANYONE who's able to make green stuff grow out of the ground on purpose. I really don't think I have much of a green thumb.


Kate said...

Ditto on the lack of green thumb here. I've killed a cactus. I admire you.

genderist said...

I think we've all gone herbicidal on a cactus before. :)

Kate said...

Ummm... it wasn't on purpose...

The Meat Machine said...

Gorgeous flowers! Nice choices!

Vol Abroad said...

Not to rain on your parade...but I think you might struggle with the lisianthus and the alyssum in the baking hot OKC sun.

Otherwise - nice choices - have fun.

genderist said...

See, VA, I know I should have emailed you before I went shopping... or gone to recon and then come back for more information. BUt we'll see.

If everything else dies, I'll go back with the hens and chicks and just spread them across the porch. :)

Vol Abroad said...

Well, just think of the lisianthus as an especially long lasting cut flower, and it will be worth it. They are soooo pretty.

OTOH - I put off getting alyssum for years, because they always died on me in Tennessee, but here in England they're perfect.

genderist said...

Maybe I should just get The Hater a teaching gig in London so that I can get alyssum to grow, too!