Friday, May 05, 2006

pimp my prison

The Hater has been trying to spruce up the second bedroom for my future isolation. We're talking about straightening it up this coming weekend. We've got lots to do in anticipation for the 15th.

And he's started by getting a new LCD flatscreen HD monitor for the computer desk. It's nice to get rid of the old monitor and speaker systems. He'll eventually be able to plug his game console into it, too. And it's got picture-in-picture capabilities so I'll be able to play on the computer and watch tv or a movie at the same time.

We had talked about getting a new piece of furniture, like a long buffet, to chunk the junk tv stand and junkier computer desk, but decided that we should save our money for the new luxery car we just bought, named Thyroid.

There's a futon in the room that doesn't completely fold out, which will be fine enough for me. I've bought some leopard print sheets to go along with the already existing movie posters on the wall. The lava lamp is in place.

But we're on the lookout for more no-budget or low-budget ideas to pimp my prison. Please advise.

Meanwhile, I found a really interesting study that Standford did in the 1970s on institutionalization. If you've got some time you should read it. The psychology is elementary, but fascinating. It would have gone better with the lava lamp variable, methinks.


nicole said...

Aww, the Hater's so sweet. What better inspiration is there than new technology?

Except a new luxury car! What kind did you get (if I may ask)??

As far as low-budget ideas, hmm...maybe some fuzzy novelty pillows or a shaggy throw rug?

Kate said...

Hehehe... We learned about that study in an introductory sociology class I took. It's SO flawed it's not even funny.

As for pimping out your prison... got a minifridge in there? If you're going to be sweating buckets and feeling like ass, cold beverages can't go wrong... I know it's not exactly low-budget...

genderist said...

See, it's not really a luxery car. Really it was all of the bills that, added together, are quite a chunk of change. My sister said we might as well have bought a luxery car instead of having cancer. You could call it Thyroid, she said... and lately we've refered to the whole ordeal as the new car we bought as opposed to the cancer. :)