Thursday, May 04, 2006

5 more minutes

Or so pleaded The Hater...

me: It's up time. Get up.
him: (pulling covers over his head) Huh-uh.
me: (singing the morning up-time song)
him: Please no up time.
me: Honey, you have to go to work. Unfortunately, you've got to get up to do that.
him: (groaning) 5 more minutes. (rolls over to turn back to me)
me: (pulling back covers) (begin singing a louder morning up-time song)
him: Please. 5 more minutes. I love you.
me: You always want 5 more minutes.
him: Huh-uh. Sometimes I don't say it. But today I NEED it. 5 more minutes.
me: You realize we've just spent a minute having this converstaion?
him: (grinning) (whispers) 5 more minutes. I love you.
me: (turning off lights) You're killing me softly.
him: 5 more minutes.

Although we don't have this exact conversation every morning, we have some version of the 5 more minute plead at least three days of the five day work week. It's amusing.

Logically speaking, he doesn't "always" make the plead, but it seems more often than "sometimes", which would exclude "never" altogether. "Usually" would lean towards a predictabe pattern, but doesn't have much connotated gusto. I need a much better, more annoying word to use the next time he catches the early morning pity train.

Meanwhile, at work a couple of days ago one of my coworkers said this, or something like it, after throwing something away that she needed, "That was a plebeian thing for me to do." Now I think of myself as having a good vocabulary, but I had no clue what the word meant. Apparently it's a Roman way for calling someone ignorant or vulgar.

I need both a better word than "usually" for my next early morning duel with The Hater - and I need to figure out a way to just throw "plebeian" around in regular conversations with him without sounding forced. And then see how long it takes for him to read this post and figure out what's going on.

The time starts now, as he walks into the room, announcing that he's a Mitchum Man.


Kate said...


Part of Speech: adverb

Definition: for the most part

Synonyms: as usual, commonly, consistently, customarily, frequently, generally, habitually, mainly, most often, mostly, normally, occasionally, ordinarily, regularly, routinely, sometimes

Antonyms: exceptionally, unusually

nicole said...

That Mitchum Man thing is still cracking me up!

And I can NEVER get up on time...ever. Sleep is such a beautiful thing and I never seem to get enough of it.

Vol Abroad said...

Yeah, I bet the Mitchum Man gets out of bed and into his chaps in one leap - ready to face the day.

genderist said...

The Hater says he could totally do that, VA, if he had chaps. For now, he says, he'll just settle for going grizzle.