Monday, May 15, 2006

D-day for the C-bomb

Plan: After sleeping literally most of the weekend, I'll be working today until 2pm, at which point I'll sachet into the city for my appointment, lab draw, and to take the radioactive Iodine (I-131). I'll return to my pimped out prison from there.

I will make a note to request a superhero side-effect, as "flying" has again taken the lead in the poll. In a few weeks when I feel better, I'll make sure to get some fancy goggles and fly around to see each of you and thank you personally for your friendship and support.

Cowboy up.


Kate said...

Bugger. I was totally going for telepathy.

Take care!! I'll be thinking of you.

Lisa T. said...

Best wishes! I look forward to seeing or hearing about your superpowers in action.

nicole said...

Good luck with your appointment and I'm still pulling for X-Ray vision. ;)