Sunday, May 21, 2006


Zoloft has been the most verbal protester of my imprisionment. She has consistently picketed outside of the bedroom door and cried every night, until The Hater goes to bed or closes her into the bedroom. If she's seen me in the hall, she immediately runs and cries to me, only to meet the door. She doesn't understand and has been most pitiful.

Today has been my first day to spend time outside of prison, and she hasn't left my side. This morning she talked to me for about thirty minutes straight -- which consists of relentless meowing, to which I talk back to her -- and we have a conversation of sorts. She just talked and talked this morning while I was reheating leftovers.

She was crying with much urgency, like she wanted me to know she didn't like how I shut the door in her face. And when I started asking her about The Hater shutting her up in the bedroom? She started crying louder, like she was telling on him.

Her antics woke him up, and he joined us. She's either stood guard or slept within four feet of me all afternoon. After my shower she moved to her perch, but has since woken and came back to me, talking.

I'm still not petting on her yet, but I think she's just happy that I'm out of the room for a while. Come to think of it -- so am I... The Hater's vote makes it unanimous: the yeas have it.


nicole said...

Awww, this is the most adorable thing I've ever read -- standing GUARD over you??? Oh, that's so sweet!

I doubt mine would be that worked up if I sequestered myself in a portion of the house. Probably because there are two of them and they have each other to vibe off of.

Blurr said...

Sounds like you have a wonderful family...what a nice story. Thanks for sharing. Animals are fantastic and kudos to the The Hater for being so supportive!

genderist said...

He's more than a gem; he's a Mitchum Man!

Kate said...

Aw. I _so_ want a cat. Unfortunately my quasi-nomadic student lifestyle isn't quite suitable for pets. *sigh* And, honestly, after the emotional pain we went through with the last one... having a pet sort of scares me.

frog philosopher said...

people say cats are aloof, but i've never had an aloof cat in my life. i love reading people's stories about their cats. thanks!

The Meat Machine said...

Your poor baby! When do you get to start petting your pussy again? :(

(Don't tell AD I know the word "pussy." He still thinks I'm seven.)

genderist said...

Your secret's safe with me.