Monday, May 01, 2006

hey-hey, we're the monkeys

We were short two nurses today; it was three bananas short of a Zoo.

It's been unusually busy the last couple of weeks. I've probably treated an average of 30 people a day the last week or so. I start a boatload of IVs and give gallons of chemo. It's crazyness, and tomorrow's schedule doesn't look any better.

Few things would make me happier than my job being terminated because all cancers had been cured. I'd lead the party. I'd happily complain about having to find another job.

We're not there yet.

Until then, take care of yourself. Drink water. Eat fiber. Quit smoking. Get tested. Be smart. Please do what you can to put me out of a job.


nicole said...

I know how it is to daydream about getting fired. I got laid off a couple of jobs ago and I was so happy about it that I nearly clapped in my boss' face at the news. ;)

I'm sorry your days have been so hellish lately. Just try your best to take as many mental health breaks as possible. We're here for you, G!

Anonymous said...

Can you use non-iodized salt? Or does all salt contain iodine and iodized salt just is souped-up?

You might consult with the V-InLaw.
His mom cooked health to the max, no meat, no salt, no sugar. Of course the VA says that he was protein deficient when she married him. His mom thinks the VA has made him fat (34 waist). I think he prefers the VA's style of cooking. VM