Monday, May 22, 2006

table me this

I started a project today. It's an exciting data-entry thing to keep up with my continuing education hours, which I did not have to do when I worked at the hospital. So I have nine months worth of stack that I sorted today and is now in chronological order.

After I made the table The Hater wisked me away for a spontaneous afternoon. It was great timing; we had a good day.

Maybe tomorrow I'll finish it, but at least for today it was started.


Anonymous said...

Hurrah for the spontaneous afternoon! VM

Anonymous said...

Hurrah for the spontaneous afternoon! VM

Kate said...

Wee! Data entry! Ok, seriously, though, it's sometimes really nice to have a project like that where there's a definitely start, middle and end. But only if you can take breaks and be whisked away. =)

nicole said...

I must say that I've never heard the word "stack" used in that context. I like it!

Congrats on your great afternoon. :)

Molly Jane said...

Dude, isn't today your last day of the radiation isolation combo? Big, happy thoughts coming your way!