Wednesday, December 28, 2005

winner winner chicken dinner

I'm a winner.

It's a game of odds, mostly. I always look to buy the coke that has the special top to take off to see if you're a winner of a free coke -- except I never win.

I'll occasionally buy a lottery ticket with the promise of millions -- except I never win.

I sign up for every free car that the mall has to showcase -- except I never win.

I sign up, with multiple email accounts, for free houses on the internet -- except I never win.

When there's a real-life sign-up thing I fold my entry like an accordian to increase the surface area to help me win -- excpet I never win.

But today I came home from work and had a mystery package. I was informed that I had won second place in an online competetion -- in which first place was a sweet bicycle that I wanted to win. But instead I won a box of power bars, power shakes, power things, and a handy tote bag to carry all of my power gear. It's probably $150 worth of power foods -- all terribly high carb and high energy.

And I'm excited that I won... but I'm afraid that I've burned my win on power bars. I think what concerns me more is that today is Wednesday -- and we have a powerball ticket to check tonight to see if we were winners of TN's 25 Million. Please stand by while I check...


Okay, so I wanted this to be a big space where I either whined about having to go to work tomorrow or gloated that I was a winner. But they've not posted my lucky numbers yet... So I guess we'll all just have to sit in anxiousness and wait. But I'd advise you not to hold your breath.

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nicole said...

I just know that a few years ago, I would win with every third bottle of Coke I bought. Now? I can't win anything to save my life. I think it's rigged.