Sunday, December 11, 2005

debate community

Yesterday The Hater and I (and, incidently Little Brother and Unequivocal Prowess) were at a local high school debate tournament. It's a world unto itself.

If you were a part of any high school club that competed I think you'd find similarities that you'd remember. Mine was band. My senior year I was voted "band nerd with the most band spirit" for the individual awards. I received the John Philips Sousa, too, so don't just think I was a dork.

But I was. I lead the sing-a-longs on the bus. On every bus. Every trip.

boomba -- hey

It was a good time.

And these kids were having a good time, too. Except they were more obnoxious and louder than we were, I think... and they definitely had nicer clothes.

There were two clueless kids walking around with drum sticks. They had the attitude, but didn't have any skill -- not holding them correctly, couldn't diddle, etc. When I couldn't stand it any longer (which was about four hours after I first saw them), I took their drum sticks away and taught them two tricks.

For about two minutes I was the coolest adult there.

And then they walked off, doing their new tricks. And every time I saw them for the next four hours, they were doing the same tricks.... but not as cool as I did them.

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nicole said...

Teaching kids to play drums? You're a commendable human being. :)