Saturday, December 17, 2005


Back in August when I started the new, improved job, I wanted people to think I was a real go-getter. Bosses like that. I signed up for about six weekend shifts, which are voluntary. I thought this would really help me get time off around Christmas. It was going to be my marketing tool. So I worked around Thanksgiving and that weekend, the big attention-grabber in my world.

When I turned in my request for time off around Christmas I was really ready to counter it with a great argument why they should let me off. I was prepared to cry if I needed the theatrics. I just knew there was going to be some kind of confrontation about it --- and my boss looked at the form and signed it without so much as a glance at her calander.

Which is great... But I've still got weekends that I signed up to work, including today.

So in the next two minutes I'm going to make a list of why the weekend shift bothers me:

I. More work for me.
1. My coworkers will be other nurses and MAs from other offices.
A. This means they don't know where anything is located.
B. They say they don't know how to run the reports at the end of the shift.
2. Since the other people are from other offices, my office people expect me to fill in the blanks.
A. Run said reports.
B. Stay late and clean up after said other office people.
II. Gyp me.
1. Out of a Saturday morning.
A. Where I could sleep late.
B. Which means I had to go to bed early Friday night instead of playing and being up causing trouble and such.
2. Out of Saturday afternoon.
A. Cause now I'll be laundry girl this afternoon, cleaning scrubs for Monday.
B. And a girl's gotta nap sometime.

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