Sunday, December 18, 2005

new toy

I have a new toy. It's a camera that has eight lenses that take over a 2.5 second period in succession. So you end up with one photograph with eight sections to it, an octograph.

Can't wait to come home and play with it. Get your posers ready.


Angry Dissenter said...

So the idea is that you can take a picture of someone running and get eight chronological shots?

genderist said...

Yes. But they don't have to be running. They could be sneezing or throwing up, too.

Or just making faces.

HypnoKitten said...

Will you be able to post a picture here, or would you have to scan it in? I'm interested to see how that works - it looks neat!

What was your motivation to buy it? Do you have some plan of what you're going to use it for?

genderist said...

If my scanner was cooperative, I could scan it in -- but as of late it's not played well with others.

This is one of my early Christmas presents from The Hater. We saw it on tv and thought it would be fun. I'm going to be an artist after the new year, you know.

HypnoKitten said...

My christmas present is a scanner (I have to wait until this weekend to unwrap it and be surprised!). Maybe I'll get to scan in some of the artsy photography I did back when I only had a standard camera.

I got my daughter a cheap digital camera for christmas - she wants to learn too.