Monday, December 19, 2005


I've been doing my morning routine, trying to get into Monday, when I glanced over at the cat playing in the vertical blinds... and there's snow outside. I'm not talking about feet and mounds, but there's a definite white blanket over this corner of the world this morning.

Harrison, my sexy farm truck, and I don't care so much for cold weather, much less cold weather with snow. But it doesn't look icy. And even two rooms over I can hear The Hater sleep soundly -- so I think we're going to brave the white stuff this morning.

It's really a red-letter day.

The news had said it was going to snow on Monday night, so maybe this means the front is early. I hope it clears up before Wednesday evening.

So there's really not time for an exciting post this morning; I have an icy windshield that needs some TLC.


Anonymous said...

Not snowing here hardly ever does.Twice in 16 yrs.,in fact!LOL! Enjoy!

and thx for commenting on my blog.Feedback it always welcome.

Unequivocal_Prowess said...

Sad news! I had to change the address of my blog! Come see me sometime at:

nicole said...

And I'm STILL jealous over everybody who's getting snow!!!

Our weather systems have been such pansies. All it does is make a mess of our commute but we're STILL forced to report to work.

Molly Jane said...

Safe travels on your adventure!