Thursday, October 27, 2005


Yesterday I was working very hard on a crossword puzzle at work. It was harder than The Tennessean puzzles I'm more accustomed to working. One of the hints was:

14th American President, Franklin _____

six letters, __ __ __ __ __ __

I wanted to make it Delano, but knew that was way to early in time to be him.

The people I worked were no help. They argued that it was Wilson.

me: There was no Franklin Wilson who was President.
them: Sure there was!
me: His name was Woodrow, not Franklin.
them: You're wrong.
me: There was FDR and Woodrow Wilson, but no Franklin Wilson.
them: We don't really know our Presidents.

No kidding.

So I googled this morning -- Franklin Pierce was the 14th President.

I don't think I'll mention it to them --- especially after the whole President Monroe incident earlier...


Angry Dissenter said...

I love these stories about your co-workers. They're so inspiring.

genderist said...

Some days at work I feel really smart.