Saturday, October 22, 2005

greek to me

Today after a half-day of work I went to the OKC Greek Festival. The Hater and I had talked about going in the past, but he's always out of town when they come, so we never went. Today I emancipated myself and went on my own.

I was most looking forward to some hummus and falafel.

The sanctuary was beautiful. I was most drawn to the wooden arc celing. It was impressive handiwork and carpentership.

There were lots of little booths set up for people to buy stuff. There were jewels and food stores, an art booth, a booth with cookbooks, a bookstore, and another booth with imported wares. People moaned when the announcer said that they were out of the special imported olive oil.

There was a live band that was very good. (I've thought really hard, but I can't remember their name. I've tried to google a hint, but nothing's helping me.) They were called "to -- " something. The second word was probably a greek word, but I wouldn't know. Actually, they didn't sing in my language, but I figured they must be singing about socially acceptable things since it was associated with a church. Mostly it was greek to me.

And there was lots of food. No hummus or falafel, but I did catch a wonderful gyro. For dessert I had a 'zorba sundae' which was soft vanilla ice cream over baklava with crunched nuts and baklava on top. It was really good.

There were dancers dressed in traditional garb doing circle-type dances. And although I'm no dance fiend and hardly qualified to judge, they looked like they knew what they were doing. They were in step most of the time. And they looked like they were having a good time.

People kept saying "Opa!". It was also written on the map for the vendors. I asked an old lady next to me what it meant. She gave me a funny look and said, "You know, Opa!, like you say when you're dancing"

"Oh!" The diplomat in me did not question further.

Then I came home and worked on art projects while watching the Vol game. I think they played well, but it felt like they had a hard time getting out of the starting gate.

And now the dryer hums and the cat purrs -- calling me to sleep.


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