Tuesday, October 11, 2005

this isn't mahjong

The Hater is making me watch Texas Hold'em on ESPN. He says it's the MAIN event (that's like finals for you non-card players.)

He's watching a tournament that he already knows who won. Some Austrailian won. But we're watching it to make sure it doesn't change between then and now.

I like to play cards. I do. I like Spades. I like Solitaire. I like Go-fish. Rummy, Kings, Knock, Rat's Tail. Even Hold'em. I'll play hold'em. But watching other people play? Not fun.

The commentary? Worse. Two guys who think they are funny will do a play-by-play commentary for each hand. Not funny.

But Doyle Brunson. He's great. When we went to Vegas this summer he smiled at me and posed for a picture, too. Watching poker on tv is only tolerable if they show Doyle -- and the idiot commentators don't say too much.

A Smith and Wesson still beats 4 Aces-

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