Saturday, October 29, 2005

scream score

I made it through two spook houses without screaming. Tonight I was the only one in the group of four who didn't scream. Even The Hater squealed a couple of times.

We went to Scream Country tonight in a little backwoods town of Drumright, Uglyhoma. It was a scary drive to a small town. This place was so far away from the city that you could actually see the stars in the sky, which was nice for a change.

It started with a hay ride with people jumping out at us. Then we walked through the woods where other people jumped out at us and flung chainsaws at us.

Good times.

And one guy looked very much like Leather Face from TX Chainsaw Massacre. He had the walk down -- and did the whole running with the chainsaw over his head really well. I bet he studied the movie for hours before tonight.

I really wanted to be out there scaring people, too. If we're still stuck in Uglyhoma next summer I'm going to have to figure out a way to participate at least one night. It's too much fun making people scream in good fun. This time of year I can't help but think of the Corn Maize in Lebanon (?) where my college roomate and I dressed up with a group of theater students (fellow Alpha Psi Omegans) to scare people. It was so much fun.

I tried googling it, but found this picture instead on . LBG on the map! They made it this year, but I've not heard anything about it before now. Apparently there are bunches of websites that will help farmers make maize mazes, including this one.

We'll have to remedy the absent jack-o-lantern tomorrow.

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