Monday, October 17, 2005

costume conundrums

Halloween is quickly approaching and I don't know what I'm going to wear. I've convinced people at work to dress up -- and they have their costumes all together already.

I think I'd make a great zombie, but that's a social faux pas when you work at a chemotherapy clinic. The Hater says I can't be the grim reaper, either. So it looks like it'll have to be a PG-rated costume this year.

But what to do?

I have a cow costume that's too cute... but I'm afraid the udders will get in my way when I'm trying to do nursey things.

It'd be too easy to dress up like a hippie... I have some authentic Summertown Farm tye-dye, and I've seen a rasta wig that would be perfect with it -- but it kindof takes the fun out of 'costume' because it's my wardrobe.

It shouldn't be this hard! Any suggestions? The hour quickly approaches!

Today I'm floating to the bad office, but first I have to go to the regular office for an OSHA meeting. Good morning, Monday!


Angry Dissenter said...

I'm still voting for Grim Reaper. I'll pay you $20 to be the Grim Reaper at work.

Tell the Hater he needs to dress up as Darth Vader, and teach his class in full Vader garb, with the James Earl Jones voice changer. It'd be a scream.

genderist said...

The Hater would really like to dress up this year, but he can't decide, either. And he doesn't want to go way over the top with something like Vader. Maybe I can find him a vampire cloak this weekend. That would be great with some fake bubba teeth.

And I could do his makeup!!

And it's official that I can't be the Grim Reaper. They specifically mentioned it at work as a no-no. Maybe I can go as his first cousin, the Grimmer Reaper?