Wednesday, July 26, 2006

you thought your gallon of Haterade was expired

Hello! Your friendly neighborhood Hater is here! I will attempt to post more. I know I’m a horrible blogger, but I will try to improve in the next few months.

Well who is in the Hater’s lounge and bar today to get an earful. Today I will be serving both Hezbollah and Israel a tall warm glass of Haterade!

Let the Hate begin!

The Scale, to remind you:

1........Kinda Mad At Them
2........WOW Super Annoying!
3.......Can It Be Any More Stupid Than This, My Mind Cries For You!
4.......Steam Rises Out Of My Ears And I Grit My Teeth When Thinking Of It!
5.......I'm Done With It, Totally Written Off Forever, No Redeming Qualities Whatsoever, Even The Borg Would Not Assimilate Them. The A-Bomb Of Anger!

The current Hezbollah and Israeli conflict

Hater scale ranking: 4.75

Reason: You know those two kids you knew way back in elementary school that really hated each other, those two kids who always got in fights, could never share, told on each other, and even formed coalitions and tried to enlist other kids to assist them in their vile acts of aggression towards each other? Israel and Hezbollah are the total manifestation of those immature kids. I’m not going to get into an argument about whether Israel has a right to exist, or Palestine, or who has committed more crimes against whom….that’s pointless and I could never cover it all. However I will say this Hezbollah and Israel are both terrorists, warlike, violent, and care nothing about the civilians caught in their little conflict.

Hezbollah kidnapped some soldiers, Israel bombed some buildings, then Hezbollah fires missiles b/c the Israeli attacks and then Israel retaliates then Hezbollah retaliates and it just goes on and on and on. This needless loss of life and the political situation in the Persian Gulf region are out of control. Its stuff like this report I heard on NPR the other day that piss me off, it went something like this….

Hezbollah says: We are defending ourselves; we attempt to only target the Israeli military. Sometimes there are unfortunate civilian causalities.

Israel: We are defending ourselves; it’s not our fault there are innocent Lebanon citizens living next door to Hezbollah terrorists we have to blow up a target when we think it is a threat. Sometimes there are unfortunate civilian causalities. (This part is in response to Israel blowing up two ambulances that were rushing injured people to the hospital in the aftermath of and Israeli missile attack).

For the love of God the whole Middle East is a power keg and these two are playing chicken running up and throwing matches in the keg! This whole Persian Gulf region could go up in flames if this does not end soon.

Both of these groups need go grow the %$&* up! They need to sit down and negotiate a cease fire immediately, but just like those kids you knew way back when their hate for each other will never die. I just don’t see and end to this any time soon….and I’m afraid the civilian causalities will just get higher and higher.

Some links to articles about the situation if you’re interested:
here and here

Isreal kills UN Peacekeepers. Read about it here.

And our great leader could make it all worse. Read how here.

'Nuff said. Drink it with blood on your hands like they do


Anonymous said...

Is it just me or could this whole thing have been avoided if something was done correctly on the front end 28 years ago. It continues to piss me off that the whole world cannot patrol an area 20 miles wide and keep the two factions apart. This is nuts. Now it has escelated into something much larger than many people realize. When will the UN or other countries wake up. Maybe it is time to completely revamp the UN system and Mandate hell anyone can say how bad you are doing in the world of public opintion why does there have to be a UN for that. If they had done this correctly years ago we may not be in the situation we are in now!!!!!

Angry Dissenter said...

This whole situation is stupid and poisonous. I still don't really get why Israel thinks it's acceptable to bomb a civilian airport in order to get at Hezbollah. Rah.

By the way, anybody been looking at how things are going in Iraq lately? Not good. Not good at all.

Unequivocal_Prowess said...

I still am hatin' on Israel for doin' all this. How does one go about punishing citizens for having an illegitimate government? The airport was when it went too far for me...

So proud of your little post. Keep up the good work!

bill said...

You make interesting points. Neither side can totally win, but with sufficient escalation, both sides can totally lose.

Anonymous said...

I don't have a problem with rendering a civilian airport inoperative, after all if it were open, it could be used to bring in more missiles and such from Iran. There were only 4-5 craters on the runway, a decent engineering crew could have that fixed within 48 hours after the problem is solved.

I have no problem with UN observers being killed by artillery fire. When a warring party sets up next to you and fires rockets right besides the walls of your compound, are you really being a peacekeeper or just a designated hostage. If the UN had done its job seriously, the UN peacekeeping force would have wiped out the terrorists years ago instead of allowing them to dig in besides their compounds.

Don't have a problem with an ambulance being destroyed either. We have seen time and time again in Gaza, Lebannon and Iraq, terrorists using ambulances as "protected taxis". Well the chickens have come home to roost and the only people to blame are the terrorists.

It seems a lot of people have forgotten that the Israelis left the Gaza Strip so that peace would occur and what happened? Palistinian rockets and a soldier kidnapped. Then there is Lebannon, a goverment that can't control its territory and allows a part of its goverment to declare war on Israel.

Anonymous said...

This is the exact attitude that causes continued violence in the world.

"eye for an eye" -- great philosophy to live by, whoever you are.

The Hater

Anonymous said...

No it is the exact attitude that keeps bad men from doing you harm. It is the whiney, cringing cowards such as you that allow bad people to do bad things. It is people like you that forget the World Trade Center. It is people like you that forget the Marines that were murdered in Lebannon by Hizbollah. It is people like you that support Hizbollah, Hamas, Al Quida and other terrorist organizations by your lack morals and ethics.

There are terrorists in this world and there are the people who support them, I hope you are enjoying the whirlwind that is consuming your terrorist friends.

Ghandi's_Son said...

wow i have heard more convincing arguments at a used car lot . look there are some facts that are indisputable terroism does exist , ( i know my hippie friend will be sad for me to say) and fighting terroism can take two routes : a. the route we have been taking , i call it the blow the shit out of anyone or anything that moves; or b. searching for more self reflextive non-violent approaches ( oh yeah i will cite sources Hastings 2004 , i do find it ironic our Annoymous poster failed to). so i dont want to get off on a rant here, but our approach to solving terrorism is about as effective as samuel l. jackson's attempts to picking movies( in case you all dont get the reference, mr. jackson does any movie for money). listen folks, we can all sit around the wtc like our ancestors did when they first found fire and talk about how we should remember the past, but we need to begin to look to the future with a different approach. or we, like our neanderthal ancestors, will blow up the world in our mcarthyism like the quest for the communist but the new term is called terrorist.

Anonymous said...

The Hater responds…

Anonymous, If you need some evidence proving your "way we should protect ourselves from terror" does not work, kills innocent civilians and even promotes the terrorism you claim violent attacks try to prevent check this link the way there were no rockets around the UN watchtower and town Israel destroyed.

By the way I never said I support terrorism (if you read the post you would know that) ethic of (only take violent measures if you have to) would do nothing but promote diplomacy, not violence and death. I have no problem with my ethics (they are not justifying endless wars around the globe) if you want to know whose ethics are sending this world to hell in a hand basket, and devaluing peoples lives around the globe, just look in the mirror.