Monday, July 24, 2006

kiss of death

The Hater and I have been looking online to find information about who we will be voting for tomorrow in the primary. We've planned that trip down the road as our excursion for the day, and have spent the last thirty minutes trying to find information about the canidates.

We've decided who we like, who we'll cast our vote to support... but we do that knowing that our track record voting for winners has been less than stellar. We found a canidate who is anti-corruption, which pretty much means he won't win (because we know both that Republicans and Democrats have corruption in common, goes The Hater's commentary). Part of me wants to go to that guy's webpage and send him an email with an apology that we're going to vote for him.

You might be thinking that we should use our cooler-vote to join the dark side, to vote for the canidates who we want to lose. And that might seem like a good idea, until The Hater reminds us about the repercussions for allowing people we don't like to hold public offices.

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The Meat Machine said...

That's okay. I have a history of voting for losers too. :(