Sunday, July 30, 2006

finished project

My regular readers may have fond memories of me mentioning a project that I should have been working on about a year ago, a project that I did start. A project that I had miserable fortune converting to Excel, which was subsequently eaten by the gremilns this Spring. A project that I've literally known about for a year and have had a stack of things looking at me in the bonus room, reminders that I should be a good girl and not procrastinate the data-entry project any longer.

Tonight, the eve's eve of it's due date, The Hater and I have spent an hour and a half entering information into a table on Word. We finished with nine pages of table. So it's still officially completed prior to its due date, which really doesn't mean a whole lot in the real world.

The company for which I work requires its nurses to complete a total of 12 continuing education hours each year. We are to catergorize them and turn in the appropriate forms with our evaluations. This project we've been working on is the table of information about each of the things I completed to get different percentages of units to go towards my total hours.

I have completed a total of 160.5 hours, and 13.8 hours specifically towards pharmacology.

The Hater says that's way over the top and called me an over-achiever.

I told him that I'm the same over-achiever I was seven years ago when we started dating. And then I told him that the low-man on the totem pole has to do something over the top to get the merit raise. We'll see in a couple of weeks if that's enough to be noticed.

Meanwhile, I'll start a stack for next year's requirements. Stacking things is a trait I inherited from my Mother. Getting the idea to catergorize the stacks I inherited from Dad.

I'm not so sure where I learned to go over the top.


The Meat Machine said...

Damn, missy, anyone that organized is just... adorable!

the count said...

If not for the fact that it was due so soon, that would've been a perfect project for you during your time in isolation. By the way, I'm not posting anymore until people start commenting on my recent posts. Thusfar, you're the only one, and these are stories I could just tell you, it's not worth all the typing. Go, now Genderist, spread the word.

genderist said...

NoNoNo... that project was way to boring to do by myself in a closed-off room for a week. Bleh.

Shame on you for suggesting such things!

Anonymous said...

You learned the overacheiving from your mom. Ask her how many Girl Scout badges she had.