Monday, July 10, 2006


We made the drive back to OKC in just under 19 hours. The Hater is a driving machine; I'm the right-handed relief pitcher. There was a full moon that made for a pretty drive.

I had a great time visiting Angry Dissenter and his dog, Odie. They were both excellent hosts, and we really should get together again sometime soon, preferably before two more years pass.

Vegas is the same as I had remembered-- hot and crowded. I didn't play a single dollar while I was there, but The Hater has come home with more padding to his poker roll. He qualified for a WPT event, but lost due to some bad runner-runner mojo. He has more stories to tell and autographs to add to his collection.

The best news of the day is that my pre-existing insurance hassles seem to be over for now. I've gotten a letter that says they'll actually process all of the new claims that include labwork and radiation stuff that The Hater and I have been arguing with them for the last several months. Maybe they'll get these filed before we get to do it all over again.

I wish I could say I had a solid plan for the week. Tomorrow I'm working. Wednesday I'll go to work, and The Hater will pick me up before lunch to go downtown for the PET/CT scan, then return me to work to finish the day....

But after that we'll be winging it until one of the doctors' offices calls with the next set of plans. For now we're winging it by the seat of our pants. It should be an exciting week.


Unequivocal_Prowess said...

Hooray for the insurance stepping up and doing the right thing, that'll be some form of progress. Glad to have you back in town! I am 36 pages into the Devil wears prada, it's pretty good so far...

Anonymous said...

That is the way with Medical Adventures, new surprises around every corner. As a writer, I suppose that you already have, but, if not, keep a Medical Adventures diary. I went back and read mine the otherday. I couldn't believe how much I had forgotten (repressed?). If you don't write it down, you will repress it and it will be gone forever (is this a bad thing?).
This too shall pass.

The Meat Machine said...

Yay for insurance people not being total pricks! :)

Glad you, AD, the Hater, and the stinky dog had a good time.

nicole said...

I'm glad you got out of town and had some well-deserved fun. And I'm jealous that you have a previous Vegas visit to compare against. ;)