Wednesday, July 05, 2006

1. make list

I'm a list-making machine. Sister and I learned this from our Mother. She was always making lists of things to do, and even her grocery lists were organized in sections for easier shopping.

My list is complete with drawing little boxes next to individual items so that I can check them off as I do them today. I have a busy day ahead of me.

The day after a holiday is always bananas at work -- because we have to fit two days worth of people into one. I'm expecting a long day there... but I finished all of the paperwork yesterday for the holiday stuff, which will free an extra nurse from behind the desk for a couple of hours.

It will need to be a well-caffeinated day.

After work I'll start on THE LIST. Calling, arranging, packing, cleaning, feeding, printing, changing, laundrying list. Tomorrow I'll leave work in the early afternoon to complete the itenerary portion of the list.

And by tomorrow night I hope to be with The Hater and Angry Dissenter, making a new list for fun and exciting weekend plans. I'll be sans web -- so be strong.

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Kate said...

What, no internet?!?! Oh, the horror!