Tuesday, July 11, 2006


It wouldn't be a complete second verse without a similar tune...

After lunch today one of my coworkers asked me when my scan had been scheduled. I told her, and she started asking me if I had to do anything special for it... to which I replied that I couldn't have anything to eat after midnight.

She looked at me with big eyes, and returned with a WHOLE LIST of things I was supposed to do (and not do) before this type of scan. I steamed and said more than a few choice ugly words.

I am convinced that my physician's office is staffed by morons. It's too easy to tell people what you want them to do BEFORE you need them to do it.

This isn't the kind of consistancy that I'm needing right now.


nicole said...

So maybe you can consult with your coworker from here on out. She's obviously WAY more on the ball than the doctor's office seems to be. That's par for the doctor course, as you know. :(

Kate said...

Geez. That's f'in' reassuring. And I don't suppose there's anyone else you can switch to, eh?

Anonymous said...

I think you need to look for another physician. This one does not seem to be on top of anything.
This is usually not just a fluke, although it could be.

Seriously, if you cannot have confidence in your health partners you will never feel confident that everything is okay. I would always be wondering what else was askew. Your health is worth everthing. Don't let $$$ prevent you from changing if that is what is best. I know your M & D would want to help and so would we.
Take good care of yourself!

You've got the where-with-all to confront your physician with the less than sterling care. I have heard physicians say that all doctors are not equal, and there is a great deal of difference in quality of care.

Love you.