Tuesday, July 18, 2006

can you keep a secret

I think The Hater and I have good attitudes about the surgery. Sure, we're slightly gagged that we have to do it at all, but other than that we're really not so worried about it. In fact, we're just ready for it to be over.

My secret is this... at work they've pulled me from giving treatments to working for the radiology section of the clinic. I wasn't completely oriented to that area, which makes being there very frustrating. And then at the end of the day I go back to where I usually work and help them finish their paperwork... because that's what good team players do, especially those who have to keep missing work for stupid cancer stuff. (And my yearly evaluation is in August.)

Sure, that's not really a secret. But this is: I'm secretly glad that this whole thing timed itself so that I can miss having to cover for the other area... and next week I'm slated to cover for another physician's nurse, which I'm also not excited about doing. But! I'm getting out of it because of the surgery!

It's trickery... and that amuses me. However, I wouldn't recommend getting cancer to get out of frustrating work duties...


Kate said...

Yah... so my flatmate's got throat cancer... and the university is being a bitch about her taking time off for chemo. So I have to second the recommendation of not using cancer to get out of work. Seems like more hassle than it's worth, really. :-)

Seriously, though, glad you're not that ticked/freaked about the surgery - I guess you're just more educated about the world of medicine than those of us who are squeamish about the possibility that they might someday maybe possibly have to sortof have their wisdom teeth out. =)

Take care

Unequivocal_Prowess said...

Okay, so good luck with the surgery and I am so thrilled to not be scared this time around. I think today is the only time I will post before you go to have it done, but truly thank you so much for all of your support and help with the dog and just as a friend. I will be home so fast to see you, but I won't come over until I get the "all clear" call from Bryan.

Oh, and that really makes me mad with all of your work drama that you posted to my blog, that is just nuts.

nicole said...

Talk about a silver lining -- way to look on the bright side. Go G!!!