Sunday, July 23, 2006

cabin fever

Do you remember the Reach toothbrush commercials with the cartoon guy whose jaw is double jointed so that he can open his mouth to a 180 degree angle for easy tooth-brushing? I keep getting that image in my head when I try to roll over; where my body rolls, but my head stays where it was... you know what this is a sign of? Being inside this apartment for too long.

I declared to The Hater tonight that I could no longer stand being in this apartment. We put on our shoes and walked to get the mail. The last cold front has made it tolerable to stand outside after the sun has set, so it was a nice walk. Nothing Olympic, but I was proud we made a full circle and he didn't have to drive around and pick me up.

Meanwhile, the tape on my neck is starting to peel and bother me. The surgeon said to wait a week before I take them off, but the real reason I'm not being more agressive in messing with it is not because he said I should wait a week -- it's because I'm afraid of turning into the Reach toothbrush mascot.

1 comment:

The Meat Machine said...

Jesus Please-us! I remember that commercial!

Nothing like being stuck in the house to make you crazy.

Good girl not peeling it off! Maybe some Cortaid would soothe it?