Monday, July 17, 2006

c-bomb news

I spoke with the surgeon's office this morning. He's going out of the country next week and won't be back until early August. So they're going to "fit me in" tomorrow afternoon for a prelim visit, and then schedule the surgery for Thursday.

Right. Thursday. As in three days from now.

I don't know for sure exactly what type of surgery I'll have -- if they'll just go in and take the one lymph node OR if they'll do a more invasive-take-lots-of-stuff surgery. We'll find out the specifics tomorrow.

I have some extended leave I can take from work for this, but, again, it'll depend on what type of surgery I have if I can get by with being off work for just a few days versus longer than a week... so as of now we're playing it by ear. That's really all we know for now.

Meanwhile, The Hater turns 30 on Wednesday. We're not making any "old" jokes. He plans on staying in line tonight at midnight to get the new XBox NCAA Football video game (high definition). I plan on sleeping.

We'll tell you what else we've learned tomorrow.

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nicole said...

Yes, PLEASE keep us posted! Well wishes to you no matter what type of surger you have.

And happy pre-birthday to the Hater. I'll be the big 3-0 right along with him in a few more months. :)