Friday, July 28, 2006

football football football

I love football. So much so that almost every night this week I've watched The Hater play video game football for hours. We only hope that our real team will do as well as his fabricated one.

This year is different from playing football video games last year because I've been promoted. I'm the Special Teams Coordinator for his Volunteer dynasty. As of now I'm averaging a ten yard punt return, and about the same for kickoff returns. And I can kick a mean field goal.

We can hardly wait for it to be football time in Tennessee!


Jennifer Masterson said...

Hi LPJG! It's Jennifer. Jeremy sent me your blog site. Hope you are feeling much better. I will keep checking your blog. Tell your best husband ever that I said hello - if he remembers me - I think I only met him one time. Send me your email address and I can talk to you that way later - and I can send you some pictures of the kids. Take Care and know I am thinking about you! Love, JJM

Anonymous said...

I wonder at you and the Vol Abroad being so sports minded. I never realized how enthusiastic you were until you move beyond the borders.
Does distance make the heart grow fonder?

Your faithful reader

the count said...

Hey, guess what, I posted. I promise I'll make sure and do it more often. I have a series of short stories I just started today, and I'll make sure and post them all.

genderist said...

The Hater and I watched TN football before we moved to OK. He/his family have always been Vol fans... so I'm not so sure I'd argue that distance makes the heart fonder...

Although it is nice to have family closer who send us orange presents in the fall...