Wednesday, April 12, 2006

vitamin X

Is it the weekend yet?

When I was diagnosed with the c-bomb The Hater and I immediately went into an action mode and made lists of the things we needed to do. Now that the waiting and the surgery are over we've relaxed enough to have a reaction mode to our cancer. We've been really stressed the last few days; we're more than ready for the weekend.

We were talking this evening and mused at what a successful reality tv show our life would be right now. Besides the c-bomb story line, we can also sport drama at both of our jobs, with our location, and with our friends. We went from an approximate 5.4% crisis drama to an approximate 95.23% crisis drama in a month. My first idea for a title of the show would be something like Coming up Roses, but The Hater was thinking along the lines of The Middle-Weds, since three years doesn't exactly qualify us as newlyweds anymore. I would be willing to negotiate title and story line with any interested television producers. Please advise.

Meanwhile yesterday was my birthday. Due to circumstances that nobody can control, I think it qualifies as the suckiest birthday ever. The birthday c-bomb and the associated drama have really rained on our parade. For this reason, and in true Mad Hatter tradition, I am declaring a future unbirthday celebration to take place either later this summer or this fall, depending on how quickly my hormone levels recover and how quickly I feel better. I haven't decided if I want a big shindig or a small get-together, but there will be a party and fun to be had by all. It will be good times.

Things will look up soon. We're just getting tired of treading water.


nicole said...

Understood. This situation definitely doens't make for the ideal birthday gift but I know things will level off for you soon (job drama included)!

By the way, how exactly did you guys arrive at those drama percentage points? ;)

nicole said...

Oh, what a dunce I am! I totally forgot to say:


I had no idea or I would have said something yesterday. :(

Kate said...

Hm. So. Obviously the birthday was not so happy. So I won't bother wishing you a happy belated birthday. But let us know when the unbirthday is happening so we can celebrate it to the max with giant capital letters in bold AND italics... like... HAPPY BIRTHDAY

genderist said...

Percentage point-figuring is one of my lesser-known talents. In fact, I went to college on scholarship to travel with the percentage point team... you may have seen hilights from the national competetions on ESPN 8, The Ocho.

Molly Jane said...

Sister Sledge,
I'm taking it the box never showed, I'm calling the bastards tomorrow. In the mean time, I'll try again. And, Hap hap happy Birthday. We'll have margaritas with extra Jose Cuervo tomorrow night in your honor tomorrow.
Love ya,