Monday, April 17, 2006

tick tock

It's getting close to the time I designated as my bedtime, but that was this morning before I was ready to unwind after a long day!

There's just too much life to go to bed right now!!

There's drama!

There's excitement!

There's deneumont!

I have to stay up for the rest of the story, as Paul Harvy would say... but the smart version of me says it's time to call it a day. So for those of you still awake, still burning the twilight oil, still rocking to the real world -- have a moment for me... cause I'm zonking hard tonight.

Poll Update: If you are against me having Jedi-like powers secondary to my radiation mid-May, now is the time to voice that opinion! As of right now the Jedi-vote is winning. If you were holding out for telepathy, now is the time to rock the vote...


nicole said...

I still see no poll. I must be nuts!!!

genderist said...

Honey, do you not see a big blue box between "Contributors" and "Sightseeing" that's labeled "Question"....

If not, you could always vote in the comments and I can tally it over for you.

nicole said...

Finally making it back to this post to comment and no, there's no big blue box between "Contributors" and...wait, I don't even see "Sightseeing."

I must totally be going nuts. Heck, I'll send you a screen shot so YOU can point it out!