Tuesday, April 04, 2006

home again

I'm tickled to report that I'm no longer in the hospital. I'm minus one thyroid gland and plus a fabulous neck wound that I'm telling people I aquired in a knife fight. (Minus cancer, too, says The Hater, who has been the best nusemaid.)

My only excitement to report is some fluctuation in calcium levels after surgery. They've got me taking extra Tums around the clock, and tomorrow morning we're going to the MD's office to draw labwork (to make sure that my calcium levels aren't in the toilet). So focus your positive energies on that for me... I certainly don't want to go back to the hospital for IV calcium.

Or for their fantastic culinary advancements, either. I experienced such experiments as ground up poultry with yellow gravy that was so photogenic that we posed it for a Kodak moment... and scrambled eggs that were school bus yellow.

There's no place like home.

Thanks for all of your letters, phone calls, and well-wishes...


Kate said...

Wow - home AND up for blogging! Glad you're not feeling too shitty after the surgery and that a calcium deficiency's the only thing that might possibly have gone wrong. Take care

Kris said...


nicole said...

I'm sl glad to hear that you're home and okay and ALREADY ONLINE?? Wow, ou must be feeling awesome!

And ugh, hospital food isn't even an acquired taste. I mean, SCHOOL BUS YELLOW??

nicole said...

That should have read "I'm SO glad." My typing is horrendous. ;)