Saturday, April 08, 2006


I itch. I itch. I itch. I itch. I itch. I itch. I itch.

And I'm not supposed to scratch.

But I itch.

I itch, and I don't do itching well. Itch. Itch. Itch. Pshaw.


Kate said...

Ohmigod... Can you take anything for the itching? Can you put lotion or cream or anything on it?

I totally feel your pain (remember the allergic reaction fiasco?)

nicole said...

Dude, I itch FOR you! This sounds agonizing!

I hope you get some (non-scratch related) relief soon!!! :(

genderist said...

I tried washing with some gentle soap. I tried some fancy lotion with menthol. I tried hydrocortisone cream. I tried a mild astringent. And finally I fell asleep...

But today? Today the itching continues. I'm sporting a cami and the need to rip the itches out of my neck! Bleh!

Anonymous said...

buy epson salt. mix with water as directed and swallow. relax and wait, it works. however the laxitive effect is the only problem